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ruwido brings synchronized ‘leaf’ user interface to TV Connect 2015

by david.nunes

ruwido brings synchronized ‘leaf’ user interface to TV Connect 2015

Neumarkt, Austria – 2015-04-27 – ruwido will reveal at this year’s TV Connect how to support the ‘synchronization of mind and sense’ by demonstrating a new user interface that corresponds to its TV Connect Awards shortlisted ‘leaf’ input device.

Honored with the label: best of the best from the jury of the red dot design awards 2015, an iF design award as well as being shortlisted for a TV Connect Award, the multimodal input device ‘leaf’ incorporates the advantages of speech and haptic feedback. It is supported by data transmission via infrared and Bluetooth Low Energy for controlling the corresponding graphical user interface.

Ferdinand Maier, CEO, ruwido says: “Our ‘leaf’ as well as the synchronized interface was created as a direct result of our design and development approach which we call ‘thinsizing’. This means that the graphical interface and the modalities of the input device are mapped with a focus on minimizing cognitive load for interaction while maximizing the user experience. We are delighted that our ‘leaf’ input device has been shortlisted for a TV Connect Award as for us it encompasses the future of TV navigation.”

Tomorrow’s TV services will no longer be differentiated just by price, but much more by the way services and content are offered to the consumer. To create a solution that truly supports the user experience and allows the ‘synchronization of mind and sense’ the graphical user interface of ‘leaf’ mirrors the reduced and light attitude of the input device and is aligned with its interaction mechanism. With the ‘thinsizing’ approach there has been a development from a multi-button remote control to an easier, more intuitive way of navigating and selecting from content menus, based on the synchronization of the input device and user interface.

‘leaf’ enables IPTV providers to bring services and content perceptively closer to the consumer. It allows the user to intuitively select services and enhances precision when interacting with content. “Consumer research shows that on the market there is a significant increase in VoD use and a material rise in intention to renew subscription. When using leaf we had data independently financially modeled, and the results showed that providers can expect to make a return on investment in seven to twelve months due to the reduction in churn and increased usability,” adds Ferdinand Maier.

about ruwido

ruwido is a leading provider of input devices and interaction mechanisms in the context of the home. The company is specialized in innovative design, enhanced technology and scientific research to enable intuitive navigation and user experience excellence. Premium manufacturer brands and premium IPTV and interactive TV service providers around the world rely on ruwido solutions.

Founded in 1969 in Salzburg, ruwido is built on more than 40 years of experience in consumer electronics. With 25 percent of ruwido’s 200 employees dedicated to research and development, the company excels in new interaction techniques, user experience and usability concepts. www.ruwido.com.

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