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ruwido launches companion box to give users complete control of the living room via smartphone

by david.nunes

ruwido launches companion box to give users complete control of the

living room via smartphone


Neumarkt, Austria – 2011-09-07 ruwido (IBC booth 1.F68) today announced the launch of its ‘companion box’, a solution that connects smartphones to the television in the living room to individualize content offerings and personalize the viewing experience.


The companion box consists of both hardware and software solutions. The hardware component is able to send Infra-Red (IR) commands and to connect to the living room WLAN (or set-top box WLAN). The software comes in the form of an application for a smartphone. This software is developed in close cooperation with our customers to enhance their service offers. In the initial version, the companion box enables users to control all their infra-red devices in the living room ranging from the DVD player, sound system and set-top box to controlling lights or a jalousie. Given that the specification is publically available devices can also be controlled via WLAN or other RF transmission systems.


The application on the smartphone provides the control mechanism for all IR-, and RF-controlled devices in the living room. It also enables the use of scenarios to support specialized usages. The party setting scenario combines a set of commands enabling the user to immediately listen to the music for a party, control the volumen directly on the mobile phone and have the TV turned off.


“Companion box is all about individualization and making the multi-device, multi-function experience in the living room a far more enjoyable and less complicated process,” said Ferdinand Maier, Managing Director, ruwido. “With such a variety of different functions available, we are literally putting control into the hands of the user. We’re not replacing the remote control, but providing the private functionality users seek to enhance their experience on all public devices in the living room – including the main TV screen. With the different tasks that can be performed, users will get far more out of their entertainment experience, leading to increased satisfaction and reduced churn.”


A broad variety of tasks is possible through the companion box. IBC 2011 demonstrations will show how the new solution can be used in a number of different scenarios, including:

·         Control of the set-top box and the TV via one central destination on the app (via ruwido’s voco media navigation and volume control)

·         Enhancement of content via second screen. The EPG can be improved with detailed information related to a program (for example, go to biography of the actor that plays in the movie)

·         Greater usability of the connected system by allowing users to define ‘scenarios’

·         Direct access to functions that enhance revenue (search movie and directly jump to that title to buy it).


To find out more about companion box, as well as a range of other premium interactive solutions from ruwido, please visit the company’s booth at IBC (1.F68).


about ruwido

ruwido is a leading provider of input devices and interaction mechanisms in the context of the home. The company specializes in innovative design, enhanced technology and scientific research to enable intuitive navigation and user experience excellence. Premium manufacturer brands and premium IPTV and interactive TV service providers around the world rely on ruwido solutions.


Founded in 1969 in Salzburg, ruwido is built on more than 40 years of experience in the consumer electronics market. With 25 per cent of ruwido’s 190 employees dedicated to research and development, the company excels in new interaction techniques, user experience and usability concepts. Find out more about ruwido on www.ruwido.com.




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