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Saffron Digital Partners with The Filter to Create Industry’s Most Advanced Online Video Platform

by david.nunes


Advanced content recommendation solution to deliver intelligent content discovery and personalization across multiple devices

London, 19 February 2013: Saffron Digital has partnered with The Filter, a global leader in personalization, to create the industry’s most advanced end to end premium video solution with highly intelligent personalised content discovery and recommendation functionality.

The new partnership will enable device manufacturers, carriers, mobile networks, broadcasters, retailers and other content owners to quickly and cost-effectively launch highly personalised and engaging digital entertainment experiences that open up profitable revenue streams, reduce churn, drive user engagement and increase consumer loyalty.

The Filter’s advanced personalization technology will integrate seamlessly with Saffron Digital’s secure online video platform and services to create a pre-integrated recommendation solution that will intelligently generate relevant and timely movie and TV recommendations. Using a blend of historic viewing habits, content metadata and contextual data points like the time of the day, device type and location, it will generate personalised features which can include mychannelmore-like-thisalso-watched, recommended-for-me, browse and more from. All presented in an order most relevant to the tastes and behaviours of the individual subscriber.

“The portfolio of premium content we make available to our customers is growing all the time so it’s vital that subscribers are able to quickly and easily sort through that breadth of content and bring to the surface the films and TV shows that are most relevant and appealing to them,” said Jason Keane, CEO Saffron Digital. “By integrating with The Filter we’re enabling exactly that. Our customers can offer each subscriber a unique and personalised experience tailored exactly to their tastes. Our customers can then leverage the power of that personalisation to engage more effectively with subscribers, market to them more efficiently and ultimately enrich the viewing experience. The Filter is the best recommendation technology we could find in the market today so with it powering our content recommendation and discovery we can continue to offer the most advanced premium video solutions.”

The Filter’s sophisticated solution combines a wide array of statistical and rule based analysis combined with advanced artificial intelligence techniques that learn about taste and context. It also provides valuable insight into UI performance, trends and user behaviour including churn prediction, and inputs for trigger marketing to support personalised email campaigns and newsletters.

“We are very excited about this partnership as it makes it really easy and cost effective for the content service providers, telcos and mobile operators to deliver compelling and innovative personalised video and TV services to their subscribers”, said Rhett Ryder CEO and Co-Founder, The Filter. “Pre-integrating two leading platforms reduces risk and enables us to jointly optimise the end to end solution for the benefit of our customers and their subscribers. The Filter taste profiles provided in this relationship can also be extended to support other media type recommendations and services to form a solid foundation for a wider entertainment offering as the service’s success grows. It’s good to see that there is a real cultural synergy between Saffron and The Filter in terms of the ethos and passion we share in delivering the best technology and service to help our customers succeed.”

Saffron Digital and The Filter will be on hand at Mobile World Congress from 25-28 March 2013 to discuss the partnership.

About Saffron Digital

Founded in 2006, Saffron Digital creates innovative multiscreen film and TV services that enable device manufacturers, carriers, broadcasters, studios and retailers to increase revenue and build viewer engagement. Using its secure online video platform, Saffron Digital combines content preparation, content management, storefront design, flexible payment and a secure player to give subscribers a compelling video experience across any or all devices.

Saffron Digital simplifies the management and delivery of a premium video service. Its modular platform enables operators to integrate individual components into their existing systems and workflows or it can deliver a completely end to end solution that includes content preparation, a content management system, application and storefront development and a secure video player. Saffron Digital has been running cloud based locker and DRM domain services since 2009 and the latest platform is UV ready out of the box.

With offices in Europe, Asia and the US, Saffron Digital powers end-to-end premium video solutions on a global scale for clients including: KDDI, Sky and HTC. It has received international recognition for its work and has won multiple awards including: The Mobile Entertainment Award for Best Video and TV Service Provider (2009, 2010, and 2011); Guardian Top 100 Tech Media Invest Companies in the UK; MEFFYS 2011 Best TV & Video Service and the Media Momentum Award 2010, 2011.

About The Filter

The Filter was founded in Bath, UK in 2005 to build global subscriber taste profiles that use relevant subscriber and consumption data to deliver the best personalised entertainment content discovery and recommendations, in the context of media type, device, time, language and business objectives. This means for example that video and TV recommendations can support a subscribers entertainment journey through their day to make sure they quickly find the content they want to consume, whether they are on a smartphone, tablet or with their family on a smart TV. The recommendations are optimised to meet the business objectives of the service provider balanced with the goal of presenting the most relevant content to their subscribers to increase engagement, consumption and enjoyment, thus increasing revenues and reducing churn. The Filter’s Global Subscriber Taste Profile approach also delivers an innovative and more pragmatic solution to the big data problem for Tier 1 Service Providers, Telcos and Mobile Operators.

The Filter’s investors include rock legend and digital pioneer Peter Gabriel and Eden Ventures. Some of the customers taking advantage of The Filter taste profiles include France Telecom/Orange, BT, Nokia and Vudu (Walmart).

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