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Saga benefits from real-time visibility of its IT estate

by david.nunes

Saga benefits from real-time visibility of its IT estate

ControlCircle provides customers with Max3000 a comprehensive monitoring and management platform

Saga, the company which offers an array of products and services exclusively for the over 50s, shares its experience of having real-time visibility of its entire IT estate.

Having partnered with ControlCircle for a number of years, and satisfied in its comprehensive approach to delivering managed IT services, Saga decided that leveraging the range of capabilities Max3000 offered by ControlCircle as part of its management services, would be optimal for its business.

Given the strategic importance of its web presence, Saga required the ability to create custom dashboards that would enable a more transparent and proactive approach to managing its environment. In addition, Saga had a requirement to show visibility of the web infrastructure platform internally, both from an active management perspective and a reporting module.

Max3000 provides detailed information enabling the business to make informed decisions and produce reports customised to meet the needs of various technical and business-oriented stakeholders. The comprehensive and fully integrated monitoring platform and portal allows Saga to monitor and report on its key performance drivers in a more complete manner, enabling faster decision-making across teams.

Key areas of visibility for Saga include CPU, memory and utilisation that can be monitored in real-time, allowing proactive corrective action to be taken on incidents before they impact the user experience.

Saga now has a full view of its entire web infrastructure platform, narrowing the areas of operational concern, which has meant more time being allocated on identifying potential web performance improvements and focusing on future campaigns and differentiators Saga can deliver to its customers.

Issues can now be stopped before they occur and reports can be updated in real-time – the benefits of which are felt across the business as opposed to the department. This was demonstrated when Saga Travel fixed a memory problem after a weekly report identified a problem on a server.

“ControlCircle ensures that our website is both performing and available and the introduction of Max3000 has given us a clearer insight into how we can proactively stop incidents in their tracks. It’s an invaluable tool that we couldn’t be without,” commented Phil Buley, Director of IT Operations at Saga.

Carmen Carey, ControlCircle CEO said, “We are pleased to see Saga deriving such measurable value from Max3000. The Saga team’s experience with Max3000 exemplifies ControlCircle’s overarching objective of delivering complete transparency of a customer’s IT infrastructure and business critical services ensuring that stakeholders have the visibility they require.”

Buley, concludes, “ControlCircle understands what underpins our business and the relationships cultivated with both our account manager and TSM (Technical Services Manager) is further proof that we made the right decision to partner with ControlCircle.”

Saga has been a customer of ControlCircle’s since 2006. ControlCircle provides its hosting and management of all its websites. Saga was the first company to begin using Max3000 in September 2012.

About Saga
Saga, part of the Acromas Group of companies, is the leading provider of holidays and services for people over 50 in the UK. The company is focused on understanding and responding to the changing demands of its customers, who form the fastest growing demographic group in the UK – one that is forecast to increase to 25m by 2015.

About ControlCircle
ControlCircle is a leading provider of managed and cloud-based services to enterprises and online businesses. It makes sure that its customers’ business-critical applications are always available, performing, and evolving based on each customer’s business dynamics. With ControlCircle managing the critical IT infrastructure and applications, customers can focus on growing their businesses.


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