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Samsung’s latest mobile print solutions arrive on Galaxy S4

by david.nunes

Samsung’s latest mobile print solutions arrive on Galaxy S4

New solutions demonstrate Samsung’s leadership in mobile printing

LONDON, UK – April 8th, 2013Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has introduced three separate mobile printing solutions that will make it possible to print from mobile devices in a few simple taps. Available on most Samsung smartphones and tablets including the new  Galaxy S4, these mobile printing solutions consist of a mobile printing app, a built-in ‘Print‘ command in the mobile operating system, as well as the integration of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in several new Samsung printers, a world first for colour laser printers.

“Starting with the Samsung Galaxy Tab in 2010, we have been simplifying the mobile printing process,” said Mark Ash, General Manager, Print, Samsung UK and Ireland. “Since then, we have been developing a growing variety of solutions that have allowed our customers to wirelessly connect their smartphones and tablets to our printers. Our new solutions have further advanced our mobile printing solutions, and they illustrate our continuing leadership in the mobile printing sector.”

Samsung MobilePrint App

The Samsung MobilePrint App has elevated mobile printing to a new level. Users who do not own a Samsung smartphone or tablet can download the application, and use their mobile devices to print pictures, e-mails, and web pages, as well as documents from Google Docs, PDF files, and Microsoft Office documents. The app also features a fax transmission function, which is the only such function available in the industry, while the app also allows users to scan images on a Samsung multifunction printer and send it directly to a mobile device.

One-touch mobile printing

Printing from PCs often requires multiple time-consuming procedures, such as the installation of drivers and software applications. However, printing from Samsung’s mobile devices is very simple and quick. In order to print, users need to press the ‘Print’ button on the menu screen of a Samsung mobile device. Thanks to the device’s built-in printing function, Samsung mobile devices can automatically detect a nearby Samsung printer to print pictures, e-mails, and web pages, as well as pages from Samsung’s own SMemo and SNote apps. Meanwhile, through a few taps on the mobile device, users can pick and choose an array of options, including the number of copies to print, double-sided printing, colour settings, the size of document, orientation, and document type.

World’s first colour laser printer to support NFC

With the recent introduction of Samsung’s NFC-enabled colour laser printers, users will soon be able to print by simply placing a mobile device and a Samsung printer within close proximity of each other. When a NFC-enabled smartphone is placed near a NFC-enabled printer, the two devices will connect automatically. Printing can be done without any additional setup. This secure, convenient solution allows users to print pictures, documents, e-mails, and web content through a few simple, quick steps.

Summary of Samsung Mobile Printing

Built-in Printing Function in Mobile Devices


MobilePrint App

NFC Printer

Applicable Printers

All Samsung network/wireless printers released after 2002

All Samsung wireless printers and network printers connected to a wireless access point

Colour/mono laser printer/multifunction printer to be launched in second half of 2013

Applicable Devices

GALAXY S II, Galaxy S III, GALAXY Note, GALAXY Note II, Galaxy Tab, GALAXY Note 10.1 (i.e. all Samsung smart phones except the GALAXY S)

Smartphones running Android, iOS, or Windows

GALAXY S II and later versions with NFC function, Android 4.0 and above

Applicable Content

Gallery app (images), documents, e-mails, web pages, SMemo, SNote

Gallery app (images), documents, e-mails, web pages, SMemo, SNote, Social networking sites , Google Docs, PDF, MS Office

Gallery app (image), document, e-mail, web page, social network sites

About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. creates more possibilities for more people, in more countries, than any other technology company. Samsung has become the global leader in consumer electronics and their components by bringing relentless innovation to a product portfolio that includes televisions, smartphones, personal computers, printers, cameras, refrigerators and memory chips. To discover more, please visit www.samsung.com.

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