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Sandberg hacks through the Firewire jungle

by david.nunes



Sandberg hacks through the Firewire jungle



Sandberg is launching a new combined product for the numerous semi-professional and professional users who use Firewire connections for digital video, HD cameras and high-speed measurement devices, etc.


The Sandberg range previously included more than 20 different Firewire cables and adapters. It’s really quite something to be able to easily combine 4-, 6- and 9- pin connectors with both Firewire 400 and Firewire 800 variants.


The new product – the Sandberg FireWire Universal Cable Kit – employs the highest common denominator with a cable that supports the most powerful of the standards, Firewire 800. The cable is backwards compatible. The cable also comes with adapters for 4-pin and 6-pin Firewire 400.


This means you can build a connection using the cable you need.


Sales Director Erling Hoff Petersen explains: “This is a helping hand for both dealers and users. The dealers who are involved stock many different types of cable but can’t assume the customers know exactly what they need. We get frustrated dealers calling us during various situations e.g. when a journalist needs to transfer photos for an article, here and now, and must have one Firewire cable in a particular speed but has to leave empty-handed or with 6-8 different cables just to make sure. Or when dealers simply don’t know what the customer is talking about as Firewire is much less widespread than USB for example, while also being more complex to use.”


He continues: “With this new cable kit, dealers can be satisfied knowing that they have a simple, universal product on their shelves, which the customer can just pick up without the risk of choosing the wrong product.”


It’s common knowledge that Firewire has never taken off as well as USB and because of this, dealers and distributors are also keen to retain as low a level of stock as possible. It’s difficult when so many different combinations have to be covered by various item numbers but this new universal product from Sandberg now resolves this issue.


Sandberg will also be discontinuing its other Firewire cables from the range so that in future, all needs will be covered by one universal solution.









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