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Satellite broadband provider’s Budget comment

by david.nunes


Comment from Mark Wynn, managing director of Avonline Broadband – the UK’s largest satellite broadband provider – on the announcement in yesterday’s Budget to provide the most remote parts of the UK with better broadband through subsidies for superfast-capable satellite services.

 He said: “While the Chancellor’s Budget announcement of a ‘national ambition’ for ultrafast broadband speeds will grab the headlines, his pledge to provide further financial support to help rural homes to receive a superfast capable satellite broadband service will be of more interest to those with little or no service, who currently feel left out of the superfast fibre broadband programme.

 “While fibre is the natural preferred solution in the long term, satellite broadband can play a vital role in immediately delivering speeds of up to 22Mbps to any home or business regardless of location.

 “Some commentators will perhaps see this as a ‘fudge’ to achieving Universal Service Obligation but those homes with little or no access continue to crave just a share of what 90% of homes can take for granted. We believe that a little more focus should be given to the benefits of getting people onto the broadband ladder and the natural market stimulation that will be created rather than solely focussing upon the current impossibility of fibre-for-all in the foreseeable future.

 “With the ability to get installed within a few days and no bundled phone line rental obligations, satellite broadband can open up immediate access to the many benefits of the modern internet that so many of us already enjoy and take for granted.”

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