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Satellite Specialist Newtec Significantly Strengthens Customer Satisfaction In 2011

by david.nunes

Satellite Specialist Newtec Significantly Strengthens Customer Satisfaction In 2011


95.4% of customers indicate that they would recommend Newtec’s products to others


SINT-NIKLAAS, 6 December 2011. Satellite communications specialist Newtec has rounded off a milestone year with extremely positive customer feedback indicating a continued positive evolution from “satisfied” to “extremely satisfied”.


The yearly survey was distributed to almost 3,000 individuals at more than 650 of Newtec’s customers. The results show particular improvements in performance and the price/performance ratio, as well as for the sales, ordering, delivery, support and marketing communications teams.


Serge Van Herck, CEO of Newtec, said the results are testament to a continued strong effort towards providing the best customer experience.


“Innovations this year, major contract wins and the decision to further improve the way Newtec works with its partners, have assured 2011 has its place in the record books as one of the most transformational in the company’s 26-year history.”


Van Herck added: “The results of the customer survey are particularly encouraging as we were able to make improvements across the board.”


The most positive quantitative result of the survey is in Newtec’s competitive positioning which has skyrocketed in terms of product quality and features, technical support and industry leadership.


As well as continuing its expansion into Asia and Latin America in 2011, Newtec has also given its unreserved support for the standardisation and adoption of industry-wide counter-measures to combat interference. There is an industry consensus that counter-measures should utilise the addition of carrier identification to enable the quick location and correction of misconfigured or unauthorised carriers.


Van Herck commented: “Our backing for the elimination of carrier interference really goes hand in hand with our concerted push for the best possible customer experience. You can count on us to consistently drive for perfection to achieve an outcome in the best interests of our customers.” 


Newtec Cy

Kerstin Roost

Public Relations Director

Tel: +49.30.43095-562

E-mail: Kerstin.Roost@newtec.eu


About Newtec

Newtec (www.newtec.eu) is a global industry leader, shaping the future of satellite communications. Offering state-of-the-art products and scalable, integrated solutions for broadcast, broadband access and backbone and trunking applications, Newtec helps customers achieve greater efficiency, increase performance and expand market reach.


With its passionate commitment to R&D and its strong relationship with the European Space Agency (ESA), Newtec remains in the forefront of technological development, continuing the pioneering contributions that have led to industry standards including DVB, DVB-S2, DVB RCS and iSatTV Cenelec pr EN50478.


Newtec’s worldwide customer base includes the industry’s most prestigious broadcasters, satellite operators, telcos, systems houses and broadcasting unions. Established in 1985 and headquartered in Belgium, Newtec has regional offices as well as additional R&D centres located in Stamford, Conn. (U.S.), Singapore (Singapore), Beijing (China), Dubai (UAE), São Paulo (Brazil), Berlin (Germany) and France.

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