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Satmetrix Release 12 Enhancements Empower Businesses with Additional Customer Experience Management Best Practices

by david.nunes

Satmetrix® Release 12 Enhancements Empower Businesses with Additional Customer Experience Management Best Practices


Key capabilities and enhancements include Salesforce Connect, NPS® Compare and Performance

Compare Charts, Role-Based Notifications and upgrades to Business View


London — May 3, 2012 — Satmetrix®, the Net Promoter® company, today announced enhancements to its industry-leading Net Promoter in the Cloud customer experience management (CEM) solutions. The enhancements further enable teams to reduce churn and build stronger customer loyalty, generate powerful customer insights and drive customer obsession through accountability.

“Our newest capabilities and enhancements provide businesses with faster, more powerful customer engagement tools that get the right information to the right people to inspire customer obsession and ensure accountability across their organisation, from top to bottom,” said Raj Bhargava, senior vice president, products and services at Satmetrix. “As a result, businesses will make even better strategic and tactical decisions to improve the customer experience at every touch point and drive superior business results.”

In release 12, Satmetrix has introduced a number of advancements, including:

  • Salesforce Connect: Available out-of-the-box in release 12, Salesforce Connect offers a seamless integration between CEM and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enabling users to access data using either Satmetrix Xperience or Salesforce.com. Feedback and the subsequent action alerts and action planning can be updated in either system, automatically populating the other. In addition, consistent reporting at both account and contact level is available in both systems.
  • NPS® Compare and Performance Compare: These cross compare charts contrast performance ratings (NPS and satisfaction questions) for one or more average scores across different segments or respondent groups (such as region, call center or product) in one easy-to-read chart. Businesses can see performance against targets, their best and worst performers, and understand how their Net Promoter Scores are changing over time to prioritise and drive strategic improvements across functions.
  • Role-Based Notifications: In addition to utilising action alerts to close the loop with survey respondents, users can route the email notifications to the most appropriate email distribution list depending on the contact’s specific response and segment information, such as tier or influence level. This enables the entire team to more effectively engage with customers to recover detractors and mobilise promoters.
  • Business View™: Upgrades to Business View in release 12 expand on its capabilities of providing a streaming home page showing scores, trends, action items and comments customised for managers by offering My Peers’ Performance. This new feature makes it possible for managers to compare their performance to that of their peers. In addition, My Action Items tab on the homepage provides each user a clear, intuitive page to view all their open action items.
  • Sample Update: Users with designated permissions can update participant records. The system audits all of the changes for records that are updated after the survey has been submitted.
  • Pop-up Surveys: To expand the number of people participating in surveys, release 12 includes pop-up surveys to invite customers, prospects and others to opt-in to a survey through a link from the company’s web page, social media site, or other web location. When the contact clicks the link, the survey immediately prompts them to enter their contact information.
  • My Domain: To improve survey response rates, the My Domain add-on makes survey invitations more identifiable to customers by enabling clients to send survey invitations from their own company’s specific domain.


To read more about these features and other software offerings from Satmetrix, visit http://www.satmetrix.com


About Satmetrix

Satmetrix is the leading provider of cloud-based customer experience software for companies worldwide. As co-developer of the industry-leading Net Promoter® methodology, its applications deliver full process support to help companies reduce customer churn, mobilise loyal promoters, generate more powerful insights and drive customer obsession through accountability. With experience on more than 700 deployments in 47 languages and serving clients in more than 50 countries, Satmetrix has the knowledge to accelerate the success of customer experience efforts using Net Promoter. Satmetrix is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., with offices in London, New York, Paris and India.

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