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Scalado takes image capturing to the next level to offer Rewind and the best-ever burst capture experience

by david.nunes

Scalado takes image capturing to the next level to offer

Rewind and the best-ever burst capture experience

Scalado, a world-leading provider of high-performance imaging technologies, applications and services for the mobile industry, has today announced that its ground-breaking new Camera Framework will be available on Qualcomm’s MSM8x60™ processor and demoed at last week’s  GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

The integration of Scalado’s advanced Camera Framework with Qualcomm’s powerful dual-core processor will make it possible for end-users to perform a number of next-generation image capture techniques on a mobile device for the first time.  Qualcomm’s processor will be the first to optimize Scalado’s innovative “Rewind” application, an exciting tool which makes it possible to pick and choose the best faces from different versions of a group photo in order to create a single perfect shot.

“No digital still camera can perform like this,” says Fadi Abbas, Scalado’s VP BizDev/CMO and Co-founder. “By integrating the Camera Framework concept with Qualcomm’s hardware imaging subsystem, we are driving the future of imaging by enabling new features and use cases that are only possible on a Smartphone.”

“We are pleased to be working with Scalado’s new Camera Framework to enhance the way images are captured, manipulated and shared,“ says Tim Yates, director of product management at Qualcomm. “Scalado’s imaging breakthroughs go beyond the traditional point and shoot camera.”

With innovations like these, Scalado has quickly become the centre of gravity for ground-breaking capability in the mobile imaging industry. The company continues to forge strong links with other key players in this market to deliver advanced functionality that is only possible with vertical integration from platform to the user interface (UI).  Testament to this fact is that Scalado lists all of the top five tier 1 mobile phone manufacturers and top 10 ISP/Sensor companies as its licensees, and that its imaging technology will soon feature on more than 1 billion mobile devices across the globe.


Notes to Editors:

MSM8x60 is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated.

About Scalado

Launched in 2000, Scalado is a world leader in the mobile imaging industry, thanks to a long history of developing innovative platform-independent imaging solutions. Based on Scalado’s unique Random Access JPEG and more than 50 patent and patent pending technologies, these innovations are currently being used by the world’s leading global telecom and platform players in over 650M devices to date, a figure that is rapidly growing towards 1 billion devices

For this reason, Scalado has become the centre of gravity of imaging. The company is at the heart of the imaging pipeline network of industries, and is committed to working with global leading industry players to bring the best imaging user experience to any device.   Scalado is headquartered in Lund, Sweden, and has regional commercial and development facilities in USA, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. For more information, please visit www.scalado.com

Press contact (Scalado)

Andrew Ball/Chaz Brooks

Chazbrooks Communications

Tel: +44 (0)1483 537 890/+44 (0)7977 065305

E-mail: andrewb@chazb.com

Web: www.chazb.com

Company Contact (Scalado)

Fadi Abbas, VP BizDev/CMO and Co-founder

Scalado AB

Tel: +46 733 118 222

E-mail: fadi.abbas@scalado.com

Web: www.scalado.com

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