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Scalado’s advanced imaging software now in more than 1 billion devices

by david.nunes

Scalado now controls a third of the total market for mobile imaging and will be included in over 500 million mobile devices yearly


Scalado, a world-leading provider of high-performance imaging technologies, applications and services for the mobile industry, has today announced that its advanced imaging software is now included in more than 1 billion mobile devices globally.


“We have reached a mile stone that very few companies in the mobile business have accomplished”, says Håkan Persson, Scalado’s CEO, “We want to improve and redefine the capture of moments and the experience of memories on any screen anywhere.”


Scalado’s technology has gained worldwide recognition by all of the major players in the IT industry, and already licenses its solutions to the top five tier 1 mobile phone manufactures, top 10 ISP/Sensor companies, and most of the leading platform providers. For these reasons Scalado has become the center of gravity for the entire mobile imaging ecosystem.


“By solving all of the most common problems and frustrations associated with mobile imaging, we are rapidly improving and redefining the way in which memories are captured, viewed, edited, searched and shared – anywhere, at any time, and on any screen”, says Fadi Abbas, Scalado’s VP BizDev/CMO and Co-founder. “We help the user to capture the moment and share the experience”


Scalado’s technology helps millions of end user to take great pictures, by giving them the full-featured digital camera experience to the world’s most popular mobile devices. So whenever or wherever a photo is captured, edited, viewed, shared or stored, Scalado technology and products is used.




About Scalado


Founded in 2000, Scalado™ is a world leader in the mobile imaging industry, thanks to a long history of developing innovative platform-independent imaging solutions. Based on Scalado’s unique Random Access JPEG and more than 50 patent and patent pending technologies, these innovations are currently being used by the world’s leading global telecom and platform players in over 1 billion devices to date, a figure that’s  growing with over 500 million devices each year.


Scalado™ is headquartered in Lund, Sweden, and has regional commercial and development facilities in USA, Korea, China (mainland), Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. For any inquiries, please visit www.scalado.com


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