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SCC launches unique new Universal Cloud Gateway platform in partnership with Jamcracker

by david.nunes

SCC launches unique new Universal Cloud Gateway platform in partnership with Jamcracker

SCC has launched its unique new Universal Cloud Gateway (UCG) platform, in partnership with Jamcracker, enabling its customers to “monetise the cloud quickly and efficiently, and deliver a cohesive IT solution”.

The UCG web portal offers a storefront-based unified cloud gateway to public and private cloud services – and represents the completion of another substantial investment in SCC’s Cloud Delivered Managed Services (CDMS) proposition.

UCG enables procurement of connectivity, infrastructure and managed services through the storefront, with connectivity and infrastructure services available through both SCC and other cloud service providers.

UCG forms a key part of SCC’s CDMS proposition, which has been developed over the last three years with investments in new and upgraded Tier 3+ Data Centre facilities, and the acquisition of MPS, connectivity, UC, and mobility businesses M2, Fluidata, SIPCOM, and One Point.

As it nears the completion of its 3-5 year business plan to transition from IT reseller to IT services provider, SCC opened FY17 as the UK’s principal Cloud Delivered Managed Services business, with UCG at the forefront of its cloud proposition.

Daniel Cartter, UCG Project Lead at SCC, said: “The UCG cloud management platform consolidates and makes sense of complex billing requirements from a network of global, European and local cloud service delivery partners, including SCC’s own UK managed clouds, Microsoft Office365, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services.

“Where SCC delivers real value is our experience in architecting multi-cloud platforms that address against very precise business needs. Our UCG customers have the flexibility to test multiple go-to-market strategies, identify the direction of success, and harness the cloud to generate revenue more quickly than ever before.”

UCG is been powered by Jamcracker’s cloud services enablement platform. Jamcracker is a leader in the multi-cloud governance and management market, with more than a decade of experience providing industry leading cloud software and services.

Jamcracker helps organisations deliver, govern and manage their own private multi-cloud services, and also broker third-party public cloud services to offer a holistic cloud services portfolio and a single pane of glass across all layers of cloud services including applications and hybrid infrastructure.

Gary Willis, Global VP of Sales and Business Development at Jamcracker, added: “The Jamcracker cloud services brokerage (CSB) platform greatly reduces the complexity and cost of multi-cloud delivery and governance by automating policy, compliance, spend management, billing, and operations management of hundreds of cloud services.

“The beauty of our cloud services enablement platform is that it encompasses a gamut of cloud services from many popular SaaS offerings to leading IaaS offerings such as Amazon Web Services and Azure for compute, storage and networking infrastructure services.

“With extended support of Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) services, we are also able to offer enterprises an integrated cloud marketplace of Microsoft cloud services that enables them to consume enterprise cloud in an on-demand, self-service manner.

“We’re proud to be working with SCC on this very important launch of their UCG platform and we will continue to support it to help SCC’s enterprise customers quickly adopt cloud services at scale.”

About SCC

We enable people to do business by planning, supplying, integrating and managing their IT. We make IT work through partnership, knowledge and passion: trusted to run IT infrastructure services for leading business across Europe for 40 years.

Points of interest:

  • Europe’s biggest independent IT services business;
  • Technology brand of Rigby Group plc;
  • Over 5,000 employees across Europe;
  • Top 3 UK Data Centre & Cloud Services provider;
  • Supporting more than 5 million users;
  • Profitable growth since 1975;
  • Leading strategic partner to all major technology vendors;
  • SCC revenues: £1.55bn;
  • Managed Services Provider of the Year 2015.

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