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Schenker Technologies becomes first cooperation partner to bring EVE 2-in-1 tablet to Europe

by Anthony Weaver

Leipzig, 20 March 2019 – As Eve-Tech’s first cooperation partner for Europe, Schenker Technologies is taking over direct sales of the EVE V, focusing on the DACH region with immediate effect. The Leipzig -based company’s new e-commerce platform, bestware.com, is now giving European customers the first opportunity to obtain the 2-in-1 tablet, which was born out of a crowdfunding project, without any waiting times. As an inexpensive yet powerful alternative to existing solutions, the EVE V has recently attracted a lot of attention.

bestware.com ensures direct availability in Europe

With the introduction of the new e-commerce platform bestware.com, Schenker Technologies has promised to ensure the direct availability of the latest and upcoming innovative technologies on the European market. As a result, the company is now the first reseller of the EVE V 2-in-1 tablet and it’s accessories, which have attracted a great deal of media attention. The high-performance detachable, which originates from a successful crowdfunding campaign that hit 1300 percent of its investment target after only four days, was designed by Finnish developer Eve-Tech based on a continuous exchange with its own community. Due to the integration of community feedback into the design and production, the manufacturer was able to create a more cost-effective and at the same time high-performance alternative to existing solutions.

So far, however, Eve-Tech has faced challenges keeping up with the demand and completing orders without long lead times; the EVE V was manufactured in small individual production batches and then shipped worldwide from Hong Kong. Thanks to the cooperation with Schenker Technologies, the detachable is now immediately available to bestware.com customers with standard e-tail shipping times. The Leipzig-based company not only maintains its own stock to ease the supply situation for the highly demanded device throughout Europe, but is also the first and direct point of contact for its own customers – covering support, service and warranty processing.

The range initially includes models with German and US keyboard layouts. Since the individualization of the offered devices is one of the core competences of bestware.com, further, exclusively manufactured, country-specific versions are planned at a later date.  Schenker Technologies also offers its commercial customers the option of having the aluminium product surfaces, laser-engraved or multicolour printed with, for example, their own company logo or branding.

“We are very pleased to be able to make the EVE V directly available to our customers with immediate effect. At the same time, we are using our expertise and infrastructure to help our partner Eve-Tech significantly improve the market availability of what we believe to be the most convincing 2-in-1 solution currently available. This also underlines our efforts to offer the best available solutions in their respective areas on bestware.com; not just to offer widespread mass technologies. We also want to specifically identify special, high interest products, such as the EVE V, and incorporate them into our portfolio in order to offer potential customers a convenient source of supply.” – Robert Schenker, Managing Director of Schenker Technologies.

“We at Eve are all very excited and honored to be working with Schenker Technologies. As we are scaling up, the demand for our product is growing exponentially, especially in the DACH region. Cooperation with Schenker will allow us to meet this demand and place the V in the laps of all the amazing people who cannot wait to get their hands on one.” – Velimir Elezovic, Senior Channel Executive @ Eve

EVE V: Price-performance winner among the 2-in-1-detachables

The EVE V is available in three different versions, which clearly stand out from the competition in terms of their price/performance ratio. While the entry-level version features an Intel Core i5-7Y54 (base clock: 2x 1.2 GHz, turbo: up to 3.2 GHz), 16 GB LPDDR3 RAM and a 512 GB SSD, the larger version features a Core i7-7Y75 (base clock: 2x 1.3 GHz, turbo: up to 3.6 GHz). The high-performance, passively cooled CPUs benefit from the use of an aluminum unibody case for optimal heat dissipation. All processor variants are capable of hyperthreading and the flash storage drives utilize a fast PCI Express connection.

A 12.3-inch display with a high-quality IGZO panel, wide viewing angle and anti-glare coating ensures particularly sharp image reproduction thanks to a native resolution of 2888×1920 pixels. In addition, it offers a high contrast ratio (1,500:1) and a brightness level of over 400 cd/m2, which allows it to be used easily even in bright outdoor areas. The factory pre-calibrated displays also ensure that image content is displayed with accurate colour reproduction.

The EVE V, which is equipped with a generous 48 Wh battery, also excels in terms of connectivity: three USB 3.0 ports (2x USB-A, 1x USB-C), a Thunderbolt 3 connection using a USB-C socket and a Micro SDXC card reader offer versatile options for connecting external peripherals and storage solutions. A wireless AC-8265 module from Intel provides a stable and fast Wi-Fi connection, while the Bluetooth 4.2 can sequentially connect up to three additional devices to the tablet.

Other special features include quad speakers, a powerful audio amplifier for the 3.5 mm jack output, a keyboard with multi-colour LED backlight, a precise stylus with 1024 pressure levels and a guaranteed bloatware-free installation of Windows 10 Home.

EVE V – By Users For Users

The EVE V is not only a Surface Pro competitor with solid hardware, it is the world’s first crowd designed and financed computer. The Finnish newcomer is hailed by the tech world as one of the most exciting community projects of recent years, selling its customers a vision as well as a product. During the initial campaign, more than 1,000 members were involved in all hardware decisions, and to date they have risen to more than 8,000 in number. The collaborative discussions and decisions ranged from the choice of the graphic chip to the colour of the keyboard illumination. In contrast to the big players, Eve-Tech offers full transparency of the development process; the community and customers even know the Eve team personally. The ambitious start-up has established a new business model for the financing and development of hardware via the crowd, which not only invests in its desired hardware, but also actively participates in the development, testing and feedback. The interest of Mac users throughout the design phase and the first sales to otherwise long-time loyal customers from the Apple ecosystem could make the established tech giants a little nervous.

Robert Schenker is convinced by the innovative concept: “I find it very impressive that such a great product can be created through working together with the community. So we’re excited to be part of this compelling story now and look forward to long-term collaboration and the great products that will be created along the way.”

Prices and availability

Both versions of the EVE V are now available at a price of 1.549 Euro (Core i5, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD) or 1.649 Euro (Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD) on bestware.com. The purchase price already includes Europe-wide shipping – no additional import or customs fees apply. Also, the selection of a different keyboard layout is available without surcharge.

About Schenker Technologies

Schenker Technologies is a leading provider of IT hardware and the latest extended reality technologies. With the individually configurable laptops and desktop PCs of the cult gaming brand XMG, the company addresses private consumers, while the SCHENKER portfolio is aimed at professional users and commercial customers. Numerous independent tests prove the high quality of the product range and the excellent customer service has already received several awards from the press.

The e-commerce platform bestware.com offers an enhanced product catalogue: In addition to the devices of the two own brands, the range also includes selected third-party solutions as well as supplementary accessories.

In addition, the company operates throughout Europe as a specialist distributor of augmented and virtual reality hardware. It supports its customers in this area in the holistic implementation of their commercial-creative projects. Robert Schenker and Melchior Franke are managing directors of the company, which was founded in 2002 and employs around 70 people in Leipzig, Germany.

About Eve-Tech

Eve-Tech is the next step in the personal computer market.

Eve-Tech is the first ever company to crowd develop devices where each device we produce undergoes the full design and testing with our community of tech enthusiasts on our proprietary community website. Everyone is welcome and everyone may contribute to the product that you can then purchase directly from us. With Eve and our community, you know exactly where you stand and your time and input is respected, appreciated and then reflected in our final product.

Starting out as a crowd-developed and subsequently crowd-funded product, the EVE V has since found success in limited-time-only flash sales through Eve-Tech’s website following a successful launch campaign.

Taking the next step in our evolution, we are currently working on several major projects closely related to, but expanding on, our focus of consumer electronics. These projects reflect our passion to create and design great products with our community and will all be available in a structured and transparent way on our community website.

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