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SDN in the Enterprise & NFV at the Carrier – Size Isn’t Everything – Connect-World EMEA 2014

by david.nunes


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EMEA 2014
13th October 2014
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What does virtualization mean to the enterprise and what is it at the carrier network? In both cases the server farm is re-organised, routing traffic is re-planned, management systems upgraded… 

Some global corporate networks are bigger than carriers, and some network operators cover territory and/or population that is no more than a city. What are the differences, when size is taken out of the equation? 

NFV could provide easier network infrastructure sharing, smoothing over peaks and troughs. Is this the solution we were looking for in smaller countries, where advanced services are held back due to technology costs?

What layers of network and what type of systems are affected in corporate networks and in carrier networks?

Virtualising processing means that Multi-Tenanting is now required for any enterprise systems too – it is a new mind-set!

Resilience guarantees, software as well as equipment, must be enhanced 

Disaster recovery often relies on multi-geography duplicate servers – now comes SDN to do it… Can SDN facilitate faster/better recovery with reduced overhead for headroom?

Borderless Africa – can NFV be used successfully cross borders and cross administrations?

Skyscrapers springing up in the desert – can NFV support such sophisticated intense activity centres – or should it be SDN? 

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EMEA 2014
EMEA 2014
SDN in the Enterprise &NFV at the Carrier – Size Isn’t Everything
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 This issue is devoted to SDN in the Enterprise &NFV at the Carrier – Size Isn’t Everything and features the following articles by sector leaders:

  • Marius Cătălin Marinescu, President of ANCOM

  • Ola Gustafsson, SVP, Product and Service Portfolio Management, Aviat Networks

  • Niall Norton, CEO, Openet

  • Dirk Trossen, Principal Engineer of InterDigital & CW Virtual Networks SIG Champion and Phil Bridge, Senior Network Architect of EE & CW Virtual Networks SIG Champion, Cambridge Wireless (CW)

  • by Prayson Pate, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, R&D, Overture Networks

  • Stephen Dow, President, Artesyn Embedded Technologies

  • Kazuya Hashimoto, Executive VP, NEC’s Carrier Division in Europe

  • Neela Jacques, Executive Director, OpenDaylight

  • Mervyn Kelly, EMEA Marketing Director, Ciena

  • Jennifer Kyriakakis, Founder & VP of Marketing, MATRIXX

  • Martin Taylor, CTO, Metaswitch Networks

  • Pravin Mirchandani, CMO, OneAccess

  • Simon Wynn, CTO, Products, Devicescape

  • Robin Kent, Director of European Operations, Adax

  • Ron Meyran, Director of Alliances Marketing, Radware

  • Roland Tauchner, CEO, DIMOCO

We hope you enjoy it.

Rebecca Copeland

Rebecca Copeland


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