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Sea Fibre Networks Launch The METRO2C Alliance

by david.nunes

Sea Fibre Networks Launch The METRO2C Alliance

Carrier-Neutral sub-sea operator spearheads strategic telecoms alliance

20th May 2013, Dublin, Ireland – Sea Fibre Networks (SFN), owner and operator of Europe’s most advanced sub-sea telecoms network, CeltixConnect, today announced the launch of the METRO2C Alliance. Founded by SFN, the METRO2C Alliance is the collaboration of Europe’s leading connectivity providers, data centre operators and Internet exchanges providing best-in-class communication solutions connecting Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Carriers and large enterprises alike often manage multiple, complex service level agreements (SLAs) to deliver mission critical business applications including cloud computing, on demand services and management of Big Data. The METRO2C Alliance reduces the associated complexity and risk by consolidating selected service providers that have a dense fibre footprint and wide product choice under one, industry leading SLA. The METRO2C Alliance is carrier-neutral facilitating collaboration amongst members, providing customers with premier high capacity connectivity solutions matching bespoke requirements such as diverse routing, low latency, scalability and modern technology with very competitive cost efficiencies.

Members of the METRO2C Alliance include:

  1. Connectivity Providers: experienced in the design, delivery and management of tier 1 and tier 2 networks, with a proven track record in dealing with global enterprise and carrier customers. Product offerings include dark fibre and managed services.
  2. Data Centre Operators: Europe’s leading Data Centre Service Providers crucial to the growth of the digital economy, providing services from data storage, disaster recovery and cloud computing.
  3. Internet Exchanges: Europe’s leading Internet Exchanges dedicated to reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of the telecoms industry.

Acting as massive data highways linking continents, submarine networks are critical infrastructures operators and services providers rely on to run their global businesses including Internet and data communications. The METRO2C Alliance unites terrestrial and submarine networks through pre-negotiated framework agreements, creating time and cost efficiencies. Demand for data centre services is rising by 12.1% with an increased focus on diverse, high capacity connectivity to meet the needs of high tech clients. The METRO2C Alliance syncs connectivity providers, servicing cross border and cross-continent markets, to Data Centres and Exchanges supporting organisations with the ability to tap into new markets or seamlessly link existing ones.

Diane Hodnett, Sea Fibre Networks’ CEO, said; “Connectivity, data centre and Internet Exchange services are critical elements of the Internet and aligning them seamlessly is at the core of the METRO2C strategy. This strategic Alliance demonstrates SFN’s commitment to carrier-neutrality further minimising dependency on single operators and ensuring the customer is always at the forefront of choosing the best suited solution design. Over the next couple of months we will be pleased to announce the first members of the METRO2C Alliance that service Europe’s booming business & Internet hubs.”

Visit the METRO2C Alliance website today.

Announcing the following routes soon: Munich, Zurich, Brussels, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

To enquire about becoming a member of the METRO2C Alliance please contact us here.

About Sea Fibre Networks
Sea Fibre Networks is a carrier neutral, sub-sea telecoms provider. The company is owner and operator of CeltixConnect, Europe’s most advanced sub-sea telecoms network. Sea Fibre Networks delivers the innovation and flexibility businesses need to stay ahead in the market place. It provides network solutions tailored to specific needs with the most efficient service. All products are supported by industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). These are further enhanced with proactive management and monitoring of the sub-sea cable system.

Information about Sea Fibre Networks can be found at www.seafibre.com
For more information contact: Sarah Cunningham Marketing Executive +353 1 6624399

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