BOSTON, June 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Seaborn Networks (“Seaborn”), the leading developer and operator of undersea fiber-optic cable systems, today announced the launch of the industry-leading performance with its new Service IP with several Ethernet Service and IP Service solutions to meet the rapidly deployed and highly stable global market demand for Ethernet and IP between North America and South America.

IP services include IP Transit, Remote Peering, Cloud Connect and Enterprise DIA solutions. Seaborn IP Services are offered under a minimum commitment with the ability to use additional bandwidth based on payment according to usage. Seaborn’s Ethernet services include E-Line, E-LAN ​​and E-Tree capability with protected service options, depending on the selected Class of Service (COS). Market-leading SLAs come with all IP and Ethernet services.
“Today, with the highly accelerated and complex communications environment, enterprises and network operators require a fast and secure data connection between multiple national and global locations,” said Larry Schwartz, CEO of Seaborn. “We ensure our customers have the necessary high-bandwidth, cost-effective and secure solutions so they can compete in today’s connected world. Seaborn’s high availability and customizable Ethernet and IP services provide the perfect solution for those needs. ”
By combining the rapid deployment of the service in just a few days with the operational control of our fully-managed Seabras-1 subsea system, only Seaborn can directly control all aspects and layers of the network, ensuring unmatched service quality throughout lifespan.

Seabras Seabras-1 offers the only POP to POP direct route between São Paulo, Brazil and New York, USA, and will soon launch a full orchestration platform that will allow services to be delivered in real-time through leading SDN technology. sector.

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Seaborn Networks is a leading developer-owner-operator of fiber-optic submarine cable systems, including Seabras-1 between São Paulo and New York. Seabras-1 is the only direct POP-to-POP system between São Paulo and New York to offer the lowest possible latency route between B3 and New Jersey trading exchanges. For more information, visit

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