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Seals Launches Unique Smartphone Case

by david.nunes

Seals Launches Unique Smartphone Case

– This ‘Remix’ product has a built-in, retractable headset.

LONDON, Aug. 27, 2013 – Seals Technologies Ltd (http://www.sealstech.co.uk/), a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of ultra-rugged smartphones, has announced the launch of Remix – a series of cases for smartphones. The first one is a rugged case with a built-in, retractable Hi-Fi headset designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Olga Gutnik of Sealstech, said: “The first of our Remix products meets two very important requirements for Samsung Galaxy S4 users. It offers strong protection for your smartphone, and it also offers a very neat solution to the problem of tangled headset cables. The clever, built-in Hi-Fi headset gives this Remix product a genuine point of difference compared with other protective cases.”

The beautifully-designed case comes in a series of stunning colour options: Pure White, Crimson Red, Piano Black and Lime Green. The double-layered case is made of PC/urethane materials and protects the Samsung Galaxy S4 from shocks, bumps, and drops. Consumer research carried out prior to the product launch suggests that this Remix product will be popular amongst mobile phone users, especially because of its dual function in protecting your smartphone and as a way of keeping headset cables neat and tidy. Also, a comprehensive testing programme has shown how effective the case is for protecting a smartphone.

Seals Technologies Ltd has obtained the global patent for the Remix series of products, and will continue to launch rugged cases with built-in retractable Hi-Fi headsets for different makes of smartphone.

“These days, smartphones are incredibly valuable to their owners. They act as phones, music-players, cameras, videos, diaries or even televisions. And almost all users carry a headset to listen to music and films, and to talk on the move. This particular Remix product fits the modern lifestyle perfectly, and we anticipate a lot of success in global markets,” says Olga Gutnik.

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