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SeaWell Enables Per-Session Targeted Advertising for Multiscreen

by david.nunes

SeaWell Announces Spectrum Manifest Delivery Controller to Enable Per-Session Targeted Advertising for Multiscreen

The solution’s unique converged manifest manipulation increases efficiency, reliability and flexibility in critical video delivery workflow

ATLANTA – SCTE Cable-Tec Expo booth #621 – October 22, 2013 – SeaWell Networks, a leader in multiscreen video delivery solutions, today announced its latest addition to the SpectrumTM Video Delivery Controller product line. The new Spectrum Manifest Delivery Controller (MDC) provides operators with a flexible, resilient and highly-scalable solution to meet the complex demands for ad and alternate content insertion for multiscreen IP video delivery in Apple HLS networks.

While operators continue to deploy multiscreen services, they have yet to capitalize on opportunities made possible by targeted approaches to their audiences, such as targeted ad insertion, alternate content insertion (blackout) and policy enforcement. Using dynamic manifest manipulation, Spectrum MDC enables operators and system integrators to build a complete revenue generating and compliant multiscreen video delivery infrastructure for Apple HLS-based devices. This is a result of the following session-based functionalities:

· Targeted ad insertion

· Alternate content insertion and substitution (blackout)

· Policy enforcement

· Watermarking capability in association with Civolution

· Support for ESAM, SCTE 130-3, VAST/VMAP

· Support for third-party impression servers and placement status notifications (PSNs) for SCTE 130-3

“Rather than dealing with these critical functions as an afterthought, SeaWell solves the problem by manipulating the manifest in a single step,” says Duncan Potter, chief marketing officer, SeaWell Networks. “Spectrum MDC enables operators to rapidly and flexibly deploy services to Apple’s iOS devices. In addition, as their multiscreen deployment grows, they can use SeaWell’s flagship product, the Spectrum Session Delivery Controller, to support a broader group of devices with protocols such as Adobe HDS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH.”

Spectrum MDC leverages technology from SeaWell’s Spectrum Session Delivery Controller, which has a proven track record in standards-based ad insertion, as seen at the recent CableLabs Linear and IP Ad Interop event in October 2012.

“This is not just about ad insertion or blackout. These types of services are paving the way for a redefinition of TV as we know it,” says Brian Collie, CEO, SeaWell Networks. “The functionality SeaWell delivers lays the groundwork for completely individualized per-session delivery of customized content, while dramatically reducing the complexities, risks and costs of multiscreen video delivery.”

For more information, SeaWell Networks can be visited at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo booth #621.

About SeaWell Networks

SeaWell Networks Inc. is the leader in monetizing multiscreen TV thanks to its industry first, per-user session control solution. Spectrum™ dynamically creates and manages each adaptive bitrate video session, enabling delivery to any device or protocol and giving pay TV providers unprecedented network-side control over targeted ad insertion, policy management, blackout, QoE, and encryption. For more information visit http://www.seawellnetworks.com/.

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