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Secure your network for the data drain

by david.nunes

2nd November 2011


Secure your network for the data drain


Ofcom results show that the average British household is downloading 17 gigabytes (Gbps) of data per month, and highlights the importance of a strong, robust network that can cope with the British public’s insatiable thirst for fast Internet, says Marcus Jewell UK country manager, Brocade.


Jewell explains: “The results are very telling. The UK population appears to be in the midst of a revolution in the way that they demand and consume information. The traditional methods of broadcast – TV and radio – are now so readily available online that increasing numbers of people are clearly choosing the Internet as their preferred method of consumption.


“Given how much data is being downloaded per household, the network reliability and speed becomes increasingly significant. Network providers have to ensure that their network can supply consumers with an ‘always-on’ supply of fast Broadband and communications networks to remain competitive.”


The study also showed that there are still areas of the UK that do not receive a strong 2G signal coverage (let alone 3G), and that there are 7.7 million UK locations that cannot receive a 3G signal from one of the nations’ five providers.


“The really worrying statistic to come out of the research is the fact that so many people still cannot receive a 3G network signal in the UK at all. A survey we conducted in the summer discovered that smartphone use has skyrocketed; with 84 per cent of the people we spoke to using a smartphone for their online needs – even on holiday. If the network is to keep up with the demand placed on it, there needs to be an infrastructure in place to meet said demand.


Jewell added: “The importance of this goes beyond consumers wanting to watch TV online or make a phone call to friends. These ‘notspots’ of network coverage act as a hindrance to business growth and innovation.


“People need to be connected to their networks at all times and having areas where the signal just drops off is highly prohibitive. Once the ability to provide continual, secure access is available then innovation and application delivery can take place anywhere – building opportunities and creating employment across the map.”




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