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Selligent launches Selligent Interactive Marketing version 3 to optimize the cross-channel customer experience

by david.nunes

The introduction of a marketing pressure management tool, a fully-fledged eForm module and many customer-centric innovations reinforce the relevance of interactions and enable a global view of the customer journey for better conversion and customer engagement.

Selligent Interactive Marketing is an online trigger-based and scenario-driven cross-channel marketing tool that consolidates all interactive touch points with customers and prospects, analyzes the data resulting from these interactions and enables improved, automated and intelligent future digital communications. These are not only based on contact history but also on predefined scenarios, based on customer data and behaviour, whereby each scenario triggers a series of cross-channel dialogues.

Scenarios can include demographic triggers, such as the birthday of the customer, and behavioural triggers such as the interaction with an e-mail, filling in an online form, carrying out a process or purchasing a product.

Since all the interactions are measured and can be integrated with CRM solutions (and in particular with Selligent Relationship Management), marketers dispose of data-driven ways to improve the conversion of every aspect of their customer interactions and calculate the ROI of each individual contact moment and marketing programme.

With Selligent Interactive Marketing, Selligent introduces a wide range of new and enhanced features like the one enabling to fine-tune the relevance of interactions with customers and prospects according to their needs, interests and preferences. This way, marketers can manage marketing fatigue and information overload and improve the interaction experience of their segments and recipients individually.

Optimize the efficiency, coordination and frequency of your marketing messages and avoid marketing fatigue

One of the main novelties answering the request of Selligent’s customers is the introduction of a marketing pressure management tool.

Managing marketing fatigue has become a real challenge in businesses that have frequent interactions with their consumers or customers across online and offline channels (especially those businesses with a strong focus on e-mail marketing activities). It is also true when several departments or marketing divisions regularly communicate with overlapping target groups (think of regular e-mailings, product-related promotions, event invitations, etc.)

Communicating too much and interacting via various channels or for different marketing purposes can lead to disgruntled customers, unsubscriptions and spam complaints: to keep it short, it can lead to marketing fatigue. Consequently, businesses can lose both their reputation and negatively influence interaction with customers, consumers or prospects.

To help marketers avoid marketing fatigue and fine-tune their interactions automatically and in real time, Selligent introduces a unique marketing pressure management tool that offers an easy-to-use solution to this complicated challenge. The Marketing Pressure feature enables marketers to set a wide variety of rules on different levels regarding outbound communication: frequency, timeframe, channels, target group and priority.

Marketers dispose of a dashboard that shows possible clashes between different campaigns, allows to set priorities in launching marketing programs and eventually solves the marketing fatigue issue. Marketers can thus focus on creating relevant content and compelling interactions as well as testing, planning and optimizing their customer contact moments.

Have an holistic view on the customer lifecycle and maximize conversion

A second important innovation that is introduced with the major release of Selligent Interactive Marketing is the eForm module. It is a fully-fledged online forms and page flow engine that contains advanced functionality to automatically manage subscription processes, gather customer data, set up surveys, automate the subscription process,… all this within a consistent and user-friendly interface.

eForm enables businesses to follow and track customers and prospects online through the whole sales funnel and lead management process. Doing this, marketers can adapt their interactions with customers and prospects in function of the phase of their buying journey and activate and engage leads that came to a stop in the conversion process.

eForm comes with a user-friendly interface, a rich set of question types, form components and controls, and a wide range of actions that can be predefined when people interact with forms, making it easy for non-technical users to integrate their online forms into their inbound marketing investments.

Combined with the existing features of Selligent Interactive Marketing and the marketing pressure management tool, eForm enables marketers to develop the most personal, valuable and relevant permission-based communication, by gathering data, closely tracking interactions and real-time engagement.

More features of Selligent Interactive Marketing to optimize your marketing processes

Besides marketing pressure management and eForm features, Selligent Interactive Marketing includes more novelties for marketers in need of an integrated and cross-channel marketing tool.

Among them are:

* A taxonomy feature that enables businesses to generate behavioural profile data based on user interactions
* Integrated Google Analytics tracking
* More filtering possibilities, for instance to exclude specific target groups
* Enhancements for more advanced users on staging or pre-production environments

All these changes come on top of recent innovations in Selligent’s interactive marketing suite that included components for Split testing, viral campaigns, management of contests and print processing.

This makes Selligent Interactive Marketing the most feature-rich cross-channel marketing automation, lead management and communication tool that adapts to customer behaviour and communication changes, offering marketers even more possibilities to optimize their customer interactions in an easy way.

Businesses that use Selligent Interactive Marketing version 3 dispose of all possibilities to engage their customers in a personalized, valuable and thus customer-centric way.

About Selligent (http://www.selligent.com)

Selligent is a leader in conversion marketing and interactive CRM solutions. We offer practical and proven solutions for the challenges and opportunities that companies face in transforming themselves into customer-driven organizations. Our customer interaction solutions enable organizations to engage with customers as individuals, resulting in increased conversion rates, higher profitability, minimal churn and a superior customer experience over all channels.

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