Connect-World’s Digest – Issue  66– Sept 2017

Editorial Manager’s Eye, By Anthony Weaver, Editorial Manager Connect-World publications

Welcome to the Connect-World eDigest, which provides a summary of the ICT trade events and news items that have recently caught my eye as Editorial Manager.

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Trade Events

IBC, Amsterdam, 15-19 September 2017

The event covered every aspect of broadcast technology from IoT security, hardware to business strategies. There was a number of companies interested to learn about Streams wireless (cellular) connectivity services and how IoT-X (Stream’s connectivity management platform) could aid their wireless broadcast business.

Wireless Broadcast Solutions

On display were some of the most advanced cellular broadcast solutions in use today. Companies whose broadcast cameras and equipment has the ability to connect a dongle or embedded SIM card for cellular connectivity, allowing the broadcast camera to have connectivity anywhere. Gateways – solutions that provide in-vehicle mobile connectivity by blending together cellular connections from multiple mobile network carriers and 3G/4G bonded uplink products were being demonstrated for live news and event coverage solutions.


Press Releases

Thursday 28th September

Ericsson and Telkomcel launch 4G services in Timor Leste

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) has expanded the broadband capabilities of Telkomcel – a mobile telecommunication service located in Timor Leste owned by Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (TELIN) – with the launch of Telkomcel’s 4G services to subscribers in Timor Leste.

Dedi Suherman, CEO of Telkomcel Timor Leste says: “This investment and ongoing modernization of our network is yet another example of our dedication to future-proofing our operations for the benefit of all stakeholders. It also reflects our commitment to providing the mobile broadband community in Timor Leste with the highest quality of service available, delivered via cutting edge infrastructure and technology to ensure a superior mobile experience for our customers.”

Telefónica Germany Uses ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ in 200G Joint Trial

ADVA Optical Networking today announced that it has successfully completed a joint field trial of its FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ and OpenFabric™ technology in Telefónica Germany’s live network. The innovative transport solution achieved disaggregated 100, 150 and 200Gbit/s connectivity over the mobile communication provider’s existing 10Gbit/s line system. The high-density 1RU modular DCI technology successfully carried alien wavelengths across the national backbone infrastructure with no impact on live traffic, including error-free 200Gbit/s transmission over a 290km data path. The test demonstrated how the ADVA FSP 3000 OpenFabric™ creates an agile, flexible and highly scalable network, accelerating service availability and improving operational efficiency. It was conducted with the support of ADVA Optical Networking’s Elite partner Axians.

Monday 25th September

G, artificial intelligence and support for SMEs lead topics at opening of global ITU Telecom World 2017 conference

Innovative technologies including 5G, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things (IoT) featured prominently today as the doors opened for ITU Telecom World 2017, an international platform for accelerating information and communication technology (ICT) innovations and partnerships. The event runs 25-28 September and aims to fast-track economic development and social good through its forum for sharing knowledge, exhibition for digital solutions, and business networking hub connecting nations, companies, organizations and individuals. It is organized annually by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations’ specialized agency for ICT-related issues.

 Thursday 21 September

Wireless Wayfinding: Roadmap for the aspiring smart city

We now find ourselves steeped in the fourth Industrial Revolution – an era that could potentially see every one of us, and every piece of machinery we use, seamlessly networked together. Every aspect of our lives, from our classroom experiences to our daily commute is being digitised as we move inexorably towards the smart city paradigm.

But unlike the jetpacks and flying cars we looked forward to in the 1980s, smart cities are not only more viable, but are taking shape around us as you read this. For example, governments within the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) have shown unparalleled ambition in creating these digital societies, embarking on long-term economic visions that leverage technology to lay the foundations for smart cities, as evidenced by the region’s conference venues becoming regular hosts for smart-city-themed events, all aimed at creating awareness and igniting the spirit of innovation.

Wednesday 20th September

Spread Networks announces 5g wireless latency improvements

Spread Networks, a provider of low-latency dark fiber network and wavelength solutions, has announced latency improvements to its 5G wireless services between NY11, Carteret, New Jersey, and NY4, Secaucus, New Jersey. Spread Networks will launch these improvements on October 8, 2017.

NTT Security Launches Security Services for Industrial Control Systems

NTT Security Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo; CEO: Jun Sawada), the specialized security company of NTT Group, has launched “IT/OT Integrated Security Services”. The new services will be taken to market globally through the NTT Group companies, Dimension Data, NTT Communications and NTT DATA, forming part of its suite of integrated services to enable successful digital transformation initiatives for its clients.

Tuesday 19th September

Conax secures multiple new pay-TV and multi-DRM deployments in Argentina – integration and support led by BOLD MSS

Conax, a Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD:S) company and a leader in total service protection for pay-TV and digital entertainment services worldwide, announced two new wins in Argentina. Regional pay-TV operators CableVideo and Colsecor have all selected technology and services from Conax and regional partner, BOLD MSS, to drive expansion in Pay TV and multi-DRM content offerings.

CableVideo is migrating its existing security platforms to a new system from security vendor Conax, including advanced OTT services. Colsecor, a cooperative composed of operators throughout Argentina, has deployed a pay-TV platform secured by Conax Contego content protection, enabling flexibility to easily execute on plans to provide advanced OTT consumer offerings in the future. The deployments further extend Conax’ market share in Argentina, commitment to the region and close collaboration with BOLD MSS.

Monday 18th September

Space-based and upper-atmosphere communications key to sustainable development

The Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development’s Working Group on Technologies in Space and the Upper-Atmosphere, launched a report today, Identifying the Potential of New Communications Technologies for Sustainable Development.

The Working Group, chaired by Inmarsat CEO Rupert Pearce CEO found that satellite and high altitude systems offer significant advantages for expanding broadband coverage in developing countries as well as driving solutions essential to meeting the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In addition to their broad coverage, versatility and reliability, deployment of these systems can be relatively quick, cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

Sunday 17th September

New Broadband Commission report highlights emerging global skills gap

A new report from the Broadband Commission entitled “Digital skills for life and work” shows that education systems worldwide are only just beginning to help learners cultivate the digital skills they need to excel in our increasingly digitized societies.

The report, released today, highlights the emergence of a new global skills gap where gender, class, geography and age can have a huge impact on whether a person is able to harness new technologies or not. It also presents strategies for ensuring all groups of people can develop these skills.

Underscoring the importance of the new report, Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO, urged the Broadband Commission and countries around the world to take heed of the recommendations and “support the development of a new generation of ‘digital citizens,’ with the right skills for life, work and engagement in the connected communities of today and tomorrow.”

Drafted by the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development’s Working Group on Education, chaired by Ms. Bokova, and John Galvin, Vice-President of Intel, the report identifies essential digital skills and competencies from basic skills to high-level professional skills.

Friday 15th September

SmartLabs Has Updated the IPTV Platform for Latvian Operator Baltcom

SmartLabs announces successful upgrade of Baltcom’s IPTV platform (Latvia). Baltcom is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Baltic region, providing broadband, telephony and digital interactive TV services.

SmartLabs have worked in partnership with Baltcom to upgrade their IPTV platform with the latest SmartTUBE solution and introduced new market leading multiscreen features, 7 day catch up services and other interactive features.

The SmartTUBE5 Server and SmartMEDIA Content Delivery System was seamlessly integrated with Baltcom’s existing IPTV infrastructure, and, critically, the existing population of deployed set-top boxes (STBs) were provided with an updated user interface and fully integrated into the new system.

Thursday 14th September

Deutsche Telekom and Huawei go live with Europe‘s first 5G connection

Deutsche Telekom’s network in Germany is 5G Ready: On DT’s commercial network in central Berlin, it has gone live with a 5G connection at over two gigabit per second and a low latency of three milliseconds over a 3.7 gigahertz spectrum link. Powered by Huawei user equipment using 3GPP specifications for 5G New Radio (NR), the deployment on commercial sites is the first in Europe and marks an important advancement in the global development of 5G.

“5G new radio will be critical for meeting our customers’ ever-increasing connectivity requirements that are steadily growing with more and more network connections,” said Claudia Nemat, Deutsche Telekom Board member for Technology and Innovation. “Our achievement demonstrates the feasibility of our plans to deliver a superior, new customer experience.”

vCreate Introduces New ‘Secure Video Transfer’ Feature so Parents of Sick Children Can Receive On Demand Progress Update

Secure Video Messaging provider, vCreate, has launched an additional feature to their video messaging platform that allows parents whose baby has been transferred from a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to a paediatric intensive care unit (PICU), within the same NHS hospital, to receive video updates made by nurses.

In April of this year, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, became the first in the UK to use Secure Video Messaging when parents of premature babies were not able to be by their baby’s cotside. Parents of patients being cared for at RHC NNU have found that receiving reassuring video updates helps to reduce their anxiety, and have asked for access to video messaging to be extended to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at the Royal Hospital for Children.

For more information on the news items, please visit our press releases webpage detailed below.

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