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Siano Launches Integrated Receiver Chip for Latin America’s Emerging Digital TV Market

by david.nunes

SMS2270 targets ISDB-T TV Sets and Set-Top Boxes, PC TV, and Car TVs

Sao Paulo, November 23, 2010 – Siano Mobile Silicon (www.siano-ms.com), the leading supplier of digital mobile TV receiver chips, announced today the launch of a new product, targeting the digital TV markets of Latin America and Japan.  The SMS2270 supports the ISDB-T high definition DTV technology, also known as ISDB-T “full-segment”.

After remarkable success in the mobile segment of the DTV market in Latin America, the new Siano product now addresses the home TV market, car TV, and high-definition portable TV applications. Introducing best-in-class performance, the integrated RF tuner and demodulator single chip from Siano allows crystal-clear reception even in tough conditions, such as when using a sub-optimized antenna, deep-indoor locations, and noisy electronic environment.

“Most countries in Latin America are pushing to accelerate the transition from analog to digital TV,” said Alexandre Goldman, Telecom Research and Consulting Manager – Brazil for IDC. “A necessary condition for that is the availability of affordable digital TV sets and set-top boxes that can be used by the mass population in these countries. Siano’s new receiver products support the increasing demand for a high quality, cost-effective front end solution.”

ISDB-T DTV services already cover most of the populations in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and other countries.

“Latin America is the first region where Siano operates not only in the mobile DTV space, but also in the home DTV market,” said Alon Ironi, CEO of Siano. “The new SMS2270 positions Siano as the leading supplier of “front end” solutions for ISDB-T devices.”

In addition to the ISDB-T DTV format, deployed in Latin America and Japan, the SMS2270 also supports the DVB-T format, which is deployed in Europe, Australia, and some places in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. This allows manufactures of TV sets and set-top boxes to efficiently make products for multiple target markets using the same design and same component inventory.

With a built-in USB 2.0 core as well as an MPEG2 Transport Stream interface, the SMS2270 is ideal for PC cards and motherboards, as well as for TV sets and set-top boxes.

The SMS2270 is available in samples to select customers. Siano reported that it is already engaged with a few customers developing electronic products using the SMS2270.

About Siano Mobile Silicon

Siano Mobile Silicon is the leading mobile digital TV chip maker in the world.  Pioneers of the multi-standard approach, Siano’s highly integrated silicon receiver chips enable high-performance, fast time-to-market mobile TV solutions for handheld device makers. Siano offers a complete family of MDTV receiver chips for the key emerging mobile TV markets in Europe, South America and China and works closely with global tier-1 PC and mobile handset manufacturers.  Siano is a global company with offices in North America, China, Taiwan, Korea, LATAM (Brazil) and EMEA (Israel).

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