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Siemon adds intelligent-ready patch panels to MapIT G2 range

by david.nunes
April 2011 – Siemon, a global leader in network cabling solutions has launched new  ‘intelligent-ready’ patch panels and fibre enclosures to extend its popular MapIT G2â Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) solution.

Designed specifically for users planning future deployment of IIM systems, the new field-upgradable patch panels and fibre enclosures provide a cost-effective migration path that can be easily integrated into existing network infrastructures. Intelligent-Ready MapIT G2 panels can be installed day one and later upgraded to smart patch panels and fibre enclosures with the addition of MapIT G2 electronics.  By providing the ability to add IIM functionality as needed and without disrupting horizontal cabling, the new panels create a wider range of deployment options for MapIT G2 IIM systems.


Once MapIT G2 electronics are added to the panel, it is ready to integrate into the full MapIT G2 system, linking with user-friendly Master Control Panels (MPC) and MapIT software to provide real-time tracking and reporting of network-wide physical layer activity. 


Available pre-installed in fully functional smart panels or as an add-on upgrade kit, the MapIT G2 electronics add intelligent physical layer monitoring capability, displayed on an integrated onboard LCD screen that provides connection status, diagnostics and dynamic label information. The LCD display provides more detailed instructions to technicians, beyond the scope of simple LEDs or traditional non-intelligent panels.  The ability to monitor and display copper and fibre patching fields in real time and perform diagnostics through this onboard interface reduces troubleshooting time and speeds the completion of work orders.

The network infrastructure data provided by the smart patch panels and fibre enclosures is transferred to the MapIT G2 MCP, which can monitor up to 2880 ports in just one rack mount space (1U). The MCP features an integrated LCD display and keypad that provide technicians with access to key network architecture and diagnostic information.  By providing this interface locally within the patching zone, the MCP virtually eliminates the need for technicians to carry PDAs or directly access the MapIT software server.   The MCP interface allows full end-to-end graphic circuit traces for any channel in the system and can perform extensive diagnostic tasks on any component or port.


Available in category 6A (Class EA) shielded  and unshielded and category 6 (Class E) unshielded as well as singlemode and multimode 10Gb/s optical fibre, the MapIT G2 system is fully scalable.  It can handle networks from 24 ports to 65,000 ports in a single patching field, making it equally effective at managing a massive data centre or a widespread network of small remote sites.


For more information on Siemon’s MapIT G2 Intelligent Infrastructure Management solution, visit:  http://www.siemon.com/us/MapITG2/


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About Siemon

Established in 1903, Siemon is an industry leader specialising in the manufacture and innovation of high quality, high-performance copper and optical fibre network cabling solutions. With offices and partners throughout the world, Siemon offers a global service and has a reputation for delivering market leading performance with systems that maximise efficiency and return on investment.

Siemon’s products include the most comprehensive suite of copper available, in both unshielded and shielded twisted-pair, for category 5e, category 6 (Class E), category 6A (Class EA) and category 7/7A (Class F/FA) standards performance.  The company’s optical fibre range includes both multimode and singlemode cabling systems.  In addition to cabling systems, the company has developed specific and specialised products for network provision in both enterprise and hosted data centre environments, often partnering with other global industry leaders in delivery of complete solutions for these markets.  With over 400 patents specific to structured cabling, Siemon Labs invests heavily in R&D and development of industry standards, underlining the company’s long-term commitment to its customers and the industry.



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