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Siemon showcases green networking at European Future Energy Forum

by david.nunes

21 October 2010 – Steven Foster, managing director of network infrastructure innovator Siemon, yesterday delivered an address at the European Future Energy Forum (EFEF 2010) at ExCeL, London.   In his speech Foster showcased the networking technology that is being developed and implemented in the world’s leading sites for renewable energy and clean technology.

EFEF is a younger relative of the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) and this major business and governmental forum claims to represent the best opportunity in Europe to consider the latest developments in sustainable and low-carbon energy technologies, with a chance to look at what the future may bring.

Foster’s presentation was part of the programme within the UK Energy Igloo, providing supplementary workshops and debates to complement the main EFEF conference, which included a video address by David Cameron and the Mayoral address by Boris Johnson.  UKTI organised this range of free seminars and networking opportunities to promote the UK’s renewable energy objectives, capabilities, investment and development opportunities to a national and international audience of business leaders, investors, policy makers and entrepreneurs; fulfilling the demand for high-level debate surrounding future energy solutions.

The future was very much part of Foster’s presentation as he explained how affordable investment in the right network infrastructure can lower power consumption of the IT installation as a whole, with a potential 20+ years lifespan.  With typically less than 1% of  the average annual IT budget being used for the cabling infrastructure, Foster asserted that careful and responsible choices about this critical foundation layer would mean not only considerable return on investment, but also potential power saving gains, making sound sustainable sense.

Commenting on the EFEF, Sir Andrew Cahn, chief executive of UKTI said, “We are among the nations leading the global policy response to the twin challenges of energy supply and climate change, as well as being at the forefront in many of the low-carbon technologies coming forward.  The challenges we face are serious. If we are equally serious in putting our heads together, we cannot help but find a way forward.”

Steven Foster of Siemon concluded, “As a carbon negative company, we lead our industry in environmental stewardship with decades of responsible and sustainable practice that includes our zero landfill commitment, an aggressive solar power programme and conservation at our 3000 acre tree farm.   We focus on innovation not only pushing the boundaries of technical performance, but also on essential green deliverables of sustainability and energy efficiency.  Today we illustrate all that is possible in future network infrastructure design and how to employ the latest developments for maximum advantage – both commercial and environmental.”

About Steven Foster

Steven Foster, managing director EMEA, The Siemon Company
Steven has worked in the IT and telecoms market since 1996.  His career started in the tech sector with Tyco Electronics and Steven then moved to a large system integrator in the UK.  He joined Siemon to build on the company’s success in the network cabling market.
Steven has a BA in Business Administration, holds the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, a Masters degree in Marketing and an MBA from Henley Management College.

About Siemon

Established in 1903, Siemon is an industry leader specialising in the manufacture and innovation of high quality, high-performance copper and optical fibre network cabling solutions. With offices and partners throughout the world, Siemon offers a global service and has a reputation for delivering market leading performance with systems that maximise efficiency and return on investment.

Siemon’s products include the most comprehensive suite of copper available, in both unshielded and shielded twisted-pair, for category 5e, category 6 (Class E), category 6A (Class EA) and category 7/7A (Class F/FA) standards performance.  The company’s optical fibre range includes both multimode and singlemode cabling systems.  In addition to cabling systems, the company has developed specific and specialised products for network provision in hosted environments and data centres, often partnering with other global industry leaders in delivery of complete solutions for these markets.  With over 400 patents specific to structured cabling, Siemon Labs invests heavily in R&D and development of industry standards, underlining the company’s long-term commitment to its customers and the industry.

Siemon is a carbon negative company – resulting from over 50 years of progressive environmental stewardship.


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