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Signalhorn Expands in Oman for Oil & Gas Customer

by david.nunes

Signalhorn Expands in Oman for Oil & Gas


BACKNANG, Germany, March 19, 2013—Signalhorn Group of Companies, a leading global provider of communications solutions and services, has been awarded seven new locations in Oman requiring robust communications solutions.

Signalhorn has successfully transitioned a global oil and gas drilling operator’s virtual private network in Oman onto a new managed service including license and support provided by Signalhorn.

This Signalhorn customer is a world-renowned onshore and offshore drilling operator whose business takes it to the deserts of the Middle East and North Africa, arctic conditions in Siberia and Kazakhstan, tropical regions, and the challenging offshore conditions in the North Sea and offshore Sakhalin Island, Far Eastern Russia.

Communications with head offices is paramount for any oil drillers’ business success. Signalhorn has more than 15 years of history working together with this customer solving the unique communications issues the drilling industry faces.

“Creating and optimizing the connection between remote offices, drilling sites, and head office is often the easy part of our work. It’s the environmental factors, licensing, health and safety, importation, and accessibility that pose the greatest challenges for our customers,” says Robert Kubbernus, Signalhorn President & CEO. “For us, customer service includes delivering a managed end-to-end solution which includes everything from local regulatory requirements, to equipment delivery, installation and maintenance, and to providing all tools necessary for monitoring and control through our global support centers,” concludes Kubbernus.

Signalhorn is a worldwide leader in providing satellite and terrestrial communications. We have over 40 years of unmatched experience and knowledge in both the technology and operation of large and complex networks. Our customers include local to international organizations, varying in degrees of complexity in their network requirements.

For more information, please contact Signalhorn at +49 7191 971 126, email press@signalhorn.com, or visit the Signalhorn website at www.signalhorn.com.

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