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Siklu Comes to North America

by david.nunes

Millimeter Wave Radio Company Siklu Is Entering North American Market


Company Will Bring Its Popular Mobile Backhaul Radio System

to North American Service Provider and Enterprise Markets


NEW YORK, August 23, 2011 – Siklu, a pioneer in the wireless backhaul market, has come to North America, and is now offering its low-cost millimeter wave radio systems in the North American market.


Siklu delivers carrier-grade millimetric wave Gigabit Ethernet radio solutions with unparalleled price-performance value. Offering the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership, and incorporating on-board networking capabilities, solutions from Siklu are ideally suited for mobile backhaul, Carrier Ethernet business services, enterprise, and vertical applications.


The flagship Siklu solution is the EtherHaul E-band radio, which operates in the licensed 71-76/81-86GHz portion of the spectrum. What distinguishes EtherHaul is its all-silicon design, which enables a price point 80 percent less than competitive systems. Siklu’s systems are installed in operator and enterprise networks across Europe.


Ilan Moshe, who is heading the North American activities, said the EtherHaul, which was successfully launched in the fourth quarter of 2010 in Europe, will be available in the North American market starting in the fourth quarter of this year. Siklu will also be exhibiting the EtherHaul at the 4G World conference and expo in Chicago in October.


“We see a tremendous need for a product such as EtherHaul in North America,” Moshe said. “Operators are challenged to provide sufficient backhaul capacity to support mobile broadband applications, and nowhere is this challenge more acute than in congested urban areas.”


Moshe added, “The E-band is ideal for shorter-distance high-bandwidth connections, and we believe that Siklu’s EtherHauls ystem, with an irresistible price and networking capabilities, will be able to fill operators’ and enterprises’ needs in urban areas across North America.”


Privately held Siklu is backed by prominent and experienced international investment funds and private investors, led by Evergreen Venture Partners, DFJ Tamir Fishman, and Argonaut Private Equity.


About Siklu

Siklu has been committed to reducing the cost of high capacity wireless backhaul solutions since 2008. The company’s success centers on an innovative silicon-based design of the E-band radio system and components that has resulted in systems priced as low as 20% of competition. The EtherHaul delivers gigabit speeds over the uncongested millimetric wave spectrum and is ideal for a wide range of urban and metropolitan Ethernet wireless backhaul applications. Serving providers around the world, Siklu Communication is based near Tel Aviv, Israel. Learn more at www.siklu.com.


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