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Siklu Gives Scottish University Big Bandwidth Boost

by david.nunes

Siklu Provides Scotland’s Abertay University an Affordable Gigabit Wireless Solution

PETACH TIKVA, Israel, October 16, 2013 – Resident students at Abertay University in Scotland are now enjoying 10 times more bandwidth than they had a year ago, now that the institution has installed gigabit-per-second millimeter wave solutions from Siklu, the leader in E-band millimeter wave systems.

Siklu announced today that the university, in Dundee, had deployed its field-proven EtherHaul millimeter wave wireless system to replace a system that wasn’t able to keep pace with the needs of students.

Abertay had been providing the residents in parts of its student housing facilities with a fibre based leased line, but the 100 Mbps capacity wasn’t handling the growing bandwidth demand, amid a proliferation of connected devices.  Looking to upgrade the bandwidth to a full 1 Gbps, Abertay faced limited options. Leased lines were the obvious choice, but were just too expensive.

Abertay turned to Rapier Systems, a leading UK wireless integrator, specifying a solution that would deliver a gigabit of throughput along with high reliability and standards-based, encrypted security. Rapier offered the university the Siklu EtherHaul-1200F solution, which meets its needs at a far lower cost than a leased circuit.

“We always provide our customers with the most affordable option that meets their demands. Siklu’s price is simply unbeatable, reliability is high, and it has AES encryption,” said Richard Watson, Managing Director of Rapier Systems. “As an added bonus, it has an extremely small footprint and is very unobtrusive when mounted outdoors.”

The units were provided by Siklu distributor Purdicom, whose Solutions Sales Specialist Luke O’Kelly noted, “The EtherHaul is field-proven, there are thousands of units installed worldwide, and there was no doubt it would perform to spec.”

Rapier Systems technicians installed the equipment and had the service operational in less than a day. “Performance was as expected,” Watson emphasized. “Reliability was a key selling point for the Siklu system and we weren’t disappointed.”

As far as EtherHaul’s performance at Abertay, “Siklu offers a very good value; it is currently a cost-effective solution for our institution,” said Moriamo Oduyemi of Abertay. The Siklu solution will soon be rolled out to additional student residences.

“We’re glad we could help Abertay students get faster Internet access,” said Shahar Peleg, Director of Product Management for Siklu. “Millimeter wave wireless links are a very cost-effective fiber extension solution in dense urban areas, whether you need high capacity for multi-tenant units such as Abertay did, or are an ISP serving multiple businesses.”

Peleg noted that Siklu is able to offer its systems so cost-effectively because their radios are based on advanced all-silicon technology. The radio is essentially comprised of just three silicon chips, which not only lowers cost but improves reliability due to the small amount of components. “The end result is the highest MTBF in the industry,” Peleg said.

Siklu and Purdicom will showcase the EtherHaul millimeter wave systems in stand A12 at IP EXPO in London this week.

About Siklu

Siklu builds gigabit millimeter-wave wireless backhaul solutions over the 70/80 GHz E-band and 60 GHz V-band. Based on a unique all-silicon design that reduces price, minimizes the form factor, and increases reliability, Siklu’s radios are ideal for macro and small cell backhaul. Leveraging this state-of-the-art all-silicon radio technology, Siklu developed the EtherHaul-600T, a palm-sized all-outdoor small cell backhaul product that allows rapid deployment anywhere, including street lamps, rooftops, and the sides of buildings. Representing a crucial advance for mass deployment of small cells, the integrated, all-silicon Siklu approach brings down costs to a fraction of other millimeter wave solutions. Siklu’s field-proven technology is becoming the top choice of Tier 1 operators for gigabit backhaul worldwide, and thousands of units have been deployed and are operating reliably in all weather conditions.

About Rapier Systems

Rapier Systems delivers best of class IP technology solutions to a range of customers from SMEs to local and central governments, transport to renewables, and the oil and gas industry.  Customers from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to the South Coast of England and several places in between. Rapier Systems has achieved some of the most innovative deployments of wireless technology in the UK, including the largest metropolitan area wireless network in Scotland, using premier carrier-class products along with proven installation, commissioning, and support methodologies.

About Purdicom

Purdicom is an award-winning distributor specialising in wireless, cloud, and security technologies. Purdicom is a dynamic and proactive value-add distributor with exceptional technical, sales and marketing support unlike any other. Its comprehensive product portfolio is fitting for all wireless, cloud, and security scenarios ranging from Wi-Fi, point to point/multipoint, wireless security, social Wi-Fi analytics, networking, and more. Purdicom has become a recognised force within the UK IT industry, spanning its wings throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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