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Silent Circle Joins Google’s Android for Work Program

by david.nunes

Silent Circle Joins Google’s Android for Work Program

Blackphone 2 will be its first Android for Work product, expanding support for enterprise services

GENEVA, July 30, 2015 – Silent Circle today announced that its next generation Blackphone 2, the company’s privacy-first smartphone, will be its inaugural product in Google’s Android for Work program. The company joins Android for Work as part of its ongoing mission to deliver enterprise privacy.

The Android for Work program, announced earlier this year by Google, aims to offer businesses simple management and enhanced security for user devices. The program’s flexibility in offering customizable solutions is a strong fit for Silent Circle’s “privacy without compromise” approach.

“Privacy is about being able to decide and control what information to share and how you share it,” said Bill Conner, President and CEO of Silent Circle. “We’re delighted to join the Android for Work program.  It’s a significant step forward in Silent Circle’s development which enables us to deliver privacy and security to a broader enterprise customer base, while meeting their need for the wide-ranging apps and services provided by Google.”

The participation in Android for Work marks the continued expansion of Silent Circle’s enterprise privacy platform, a unique combination of software, services, and devices working together to integrate privacy at every level of business. The platform includes the Blackphone 2 and its Android operating system, Silent OS.

“With the first Blackphone, we delivered an Android experience coupled with control over app permissions and the powerful Spaces feature, which lets users securely separate work life and personal life on the same device,” said David Puron, SVP Engineering, Devices. “Customers responded to Blackphone’s unique offering of privacy by design, and pushed us to offer even more choices for its second generation.”

“Our Blackphone 2 release this fall will bring support for Google Play and Google Mobile Services to Silent OS,” said Puron, “and with support for Android for Work, companies can strike their own balance of control over data and connectivity with established productivity services that are used throughout enterprise.”

The Blackphone, named one of Time Magazine’s “Top 25 Best Inventions of 2014” and one of MIT Technology Review’s top 10 technology breakthroughs the same year, includes Silent Circle’s encrypted communication software for secure voice and video calling, text messaging, and file transfer. The new version of the phone being released this fall will also offer expanded support for existing Mobile Device Management (MDM) programs and an updated implementation of the Spaces feature introduced in the first Blackphone, all on faster hardware designed to deliver a premium user experience.

About Silent Circle
Silent Circle is a leader in enterprise privacy, delivered through a revolutionary mobile ecosystem of devices, software and services, starting with ZRTP to build a fundamentally different mobile architecture.

Now led by Bill Conner, the former Entrust President and CEO and Nortel President, Silent Circle was co-founded by Mike Janke, former Navy SEAL and security expert; Phil Zimmermann, co-founder of PGP, developer of the ZRTP protocol and 2015 inductee into the Internet Hall of Fame; and Jon Callas, creator of Apple’s whole disk encryption software and Co-founder of PGP Corporation.

Silent Circle is headquartered in Switzerland, home to the world’s best privacy laws. For more information on Silent Circle, go to: https://www.silentcircle.com

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