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The ongoing development and availability of user-friendly broadband connection software is critical to increase use of new applications and greater service provider profitability.

That’s the message that will be delivered to telecommunications industry executives from across the world on Wednesday by leading human technology interaction (HTI) expert Rob Butler, Executive Director of Emotum, a global connection software company. He will be speaking at Broadband World Forum in Paris – the world’s largest conference and exhibition dedicated to the development, adoption and use of broadband technology.

“Customers are at the core of a service providers’ success in the marketplace,” said Mr Butler. “Implementing connection management software improves the customers’ overall internet experience by identifying problems and providing solutions, and makes for increased customer satisfaction and retention rates for operators.

“By educating users through self-help ‘fix it now’ tools, service providers can also look to gain financial savings on other forms customer support required in addition to improving the efficiency of their operations.”

During his presentation, Mr Butler will explore the costs and major issues surrounding initial and ongoing customer connections to a variety of services using smart ‘invisible’ technology. He will introduce his views on customer self help-tools within connection management software, which encourage self education, and will identify how collated data can be used to improve customer satisfaction and brand image.

Over five million people around the world already use Emotum software to set-up, configure and manage all their broadband internet and services. All its software is designed and built with the end user in mind and with the aim of ensuring service providers can give customers the best possible experience of internet access using any device or network. It also backs this up with statistics and monitoring tools to evaluate business, performance and usability metrics.

In a separate panel session chaired by Emotum Managing Director Craig Norman, along with representatives from Telenor, Elisa and Netmania, the focus will continue this theme of transparency as a customer care strategy, customer care in the digital home and caring for customers from the network.

It will look at putting the customer first and showcase new trends and  technologies that will define the next generation of “context aware customer care”.

“As service providers expand their service offerings over fixed and mobile broadband with additional services, and customers move to an ‘always connected’ status, it is important to understand the different context of customer support requirements,” said Mr Butler.

“Similar to the trend of context aware applications, such as location based services, customer care needs to evolve to a more context aware state, providing customers with targeted help, support and tools based on their individual needs.”

The session will explore the needs of the customer from people still struggling with setting up, securing and troubleshooting their home networks to the new issues of connectivity, speed and troubleshooting mobile broadband. It will also address, with the multitude of internet enabled devices and services being consumed by the customer, the role service providers have in monetising their position as ‘top of mind’ for customer support.

For more information about Emotum please visit www.emotum.com.

Emotum Broadband World Forum Presentation Details • Wednesday 27 October at 12:00pm (CET): Leadership Insight ‘The Evolution of Service’ – Executive Director Rob Butler

• Wednesday 27 October at 1.20pm (CET): Panel Session ‘Content Aware Customer Care’ – Managing Director Craig Norman with representatives from Telenor, Elisa and Netmania

About Emotum

Emotum Pty Ltd is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and provides customised and localised wire line and wireless broadband software solutions to Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific. Working with its clients, Emotum creates intelligent software that solves the financial and technical challenges of servicing the non-technical mass market. For more information visit: www.emotum.com

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