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Singapore’s Agency for People with Disabilities Selects IT Care Center (ITCC) to Manage its IT Unit Service

by david.nunes

Singapore’s Agency for People with Disabilities Selects IT Care Center (ITCC) to Manage its IT Unit Service

Even Yehuda, Israel, September 20, 2016. That’s IT Technologies, a provider of innovative products and services for management and operation of enterprise IT units, today announced that SG Enable, a Singaporean agency assisting persons with disabilities, selected That’s IT Technologies’ ITCC (IT Care Center) to manage its enterprise IT unit’s service.  The service management module implemented at SG Enable is part of ITCC’s overall capabilities in the field of management and operation of enterprise IT units.

The system was sold to SG Enable through Athena Dynamics, That’s IT’s distributor in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. Athena Dynamics focuses on distributing strongly differentiated products protecting critical infrastructure, and cost-effective products for managing and operating enterprise IT units.

SG Enable provides information and administers grants and support to persons with disabilities and their caregivers, helping them to improve transition across various life stages. The agency also helps in enhancing employment options for persons with disabilities, and rallies stakeholder support in enabling persons with disabilities.

“We are proud that such a meaningful organization in Singapore decided to choose our system to ensure optimal service of its corporate IT unit,” said Rani Fuchs, CEO of That’s IT Group. “The Singapore agency does vital work in providing assistance to persons with disabilities throughout Singapore, and its IT systems are a critical factor in ensuring the service and providing accurate and timely information to persons with disabilities. SG Enable’s selection is testament to the quality of ITCC, and we intend to offer the system to additional organizations in the Far East through our representative, Athena Dynamics.”

“As part of our efforts to help the disabled population in Singapore, we are working hard to improve employment possibilities and integration into society, including through appropriate training, contacting potential employers, creating new models of supported employment, running day care centers, as well as running a special village assisting persons with disabilities,” said Vishal Gurung, Manager of Infocomm Technology, SG Enable. “In addition, we work hard for children with disabilities and caregivers, and run special programs for them. All this requires an IT system that serves all of the organizations working with the agency. The new ITCC system helps us greatly in optimal functioning of our extensive IT system.”

“Athena Dynamics is proud to work with That’s IT Group to bring its successes to Singapore. This project completes the loop of Athena Dynamics’ charter to focus on cyber protection and IT operation management. We are grateful for the support of the markets and customers thus far. Established just 2 years ago, Athena Dynamics has already been awarded projects in protection of classified and sensitive digital assets in the public and private sectors. The company is now ready to replicate these successes in the Asia Pacific region,” said Ken Soh, CEO of Athena Dynamics, a majority-owned technology subsidiary of Singapore SGX Mainboard listed BH Global Group.

ITCC holistically embraces technologies with ITSM/ITIL best practices (Incident Management, Problem Solving, Change Management, Asset Management, CMDB, Knowledge Management, and Project Management) in a single platform. This platform delivers highly integrated, feature rich functionalities that give stakeholders the capabilities to manage efficiently all IT-related support/tasks and end-to-end processes. The highly configurable features empower the service delivery manager to cope with agility, and provide high standard continual service improvements to the organization.

ITCC’s service module (including service desk and self-service portal), implemented at SG Enable, measures and operates the IT unit’s services by special tools. The system automates the various processes, provides users with self-service tools, and is equipped with advanced analysis tools. ITCC’s self-service portal allows end-users to open service requests and track them, view various messages of the IT unit, and use self-services such as installations, user manuals and others. It automatically routes service calls and different tasks to enable optimal utilization of enterprise resources in accordance with the rules that were set in advance. The system measures the actual level of customer service provided to the IT client and identifies bottlenecks in the service process, thus providing the staff with tools for improving service level.

ITCC automatically builds a knowledge base and solutions by keyword tagging of the problems that have been solved, and adds them to the knowledge base after the user’s call is closed following the problem’s solution. A unique search engine allows both users and IT staff to find the right solution quickly when opening the service call. The knowledge base can also be updated continuously with different solutions to problems that have not yet occurred in the organization.

As mentioned above, the service module is part of ITCC’s comprehensive capabilities that also enable task management, organization’s IT assets management, managing issues and changes. For example, ITCC’s project module allows to manage the organization’s IT projects and development plans from IT budget planning, through operation management to measuring performance and quality. Among other things, it is possible to manage budget and plans continuously and on an annual basis, including meeting the objectives according to deadlines and resources. The system builds custom interactive reports. It also allows for configuration management of the IT unit’s infrastructure components (including change management), management of new version’s release of existing products up to their complete deployment across the organization, and more.

ITCC allows integration with enterprise infrastructure, including Active Directory, ERP for employee data and organizational structure synchronization, as well as Exchange for call management and documentation of system’s correspondence.

About That’s IT Technologies

That’s IT Technologies was established in 2008 as part of That’s IT Group, in order to develop innovative products and services for management and operation of enterprise IT units. The company offers its customers a range of solutions, services and advanced tools for managing the significant risks inherent in implementing new systems and business processes. Additional information about IT Care Center and That’s IT can be found at it-care-center.com

About SG Enable

SG Enable is a Singapore agency that helps persons with disabilities. It empowers the disabled and their caregivers by providing convenient access to various services, enhancing employment possibilities for persons with disabilities, and increasing inclusion and involvement in the community. Additional information can be found at www.sgenable.sg

About Athena Dynamics

Athena Dynamics markets and distributes strongly differentiated innovative technologies in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. The company focuses on critical infrastructure protection and enterprise IT operation management products that have already done well in their countries of origin, but have yet to gain sufficient traction and branding overseas. Athena Dynamics selects the products it distributes through a stringent due diligence process prior to representing them in Singapore and Asia Pacific. Additional information can be found at www.athenadynamics.com


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