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SingTel collaborates with Telmap to offer mobile Search, Mapping and Navigation to consumers

by david.nunes

13 August 2010, Telmap, the global leader in mobile location services, today announced that it has collaborated with SingTel, Asia’s leading communications group to offer personal search, mapping and navigation services to its mobile subscribers in Singapore.

SingTel Xplorer, SingTel’s first GPS navigation client, enables customers to turn their mobile phones into a powerful navigation system with access to a full suite of rich places of interests (POIs) and real-time traffic updates. Customers can reach their destination efficiently through turn-by-turn navigation with voice or map instructions. Xplorer comes with both Singapore and Malaysia maps.

Traffic data is collected from multiple reliable sources such as the physical locations of SingTel’s extensive mobile cell network base and traffic flow feeds. The information is analysed using advanced patented traffic science calculations, which analyses traffic movements of mobile customers and traffic flow. Data is refreshed every five minutes, resulting in high-quality real-time and historical information about traffic flows on most Singapore minor roads.

The application is fully integrated on all GPS supported handsets, including latest mobile operating platforms such as iPhone OS4, Android and Microsoft OS.

“The Asia Pacific market will play an important role in Telmap’s global strategy to lead customized and localized Location Based Services across the globe” said Oren Nissim, CEO of Telmap. “We are happy to partner with SingTel in making location services available through their network. Telmap will continue to work closely with mobile operators and support them in offering a competitive local and valuable experience to their subscribers as part of their core services.”

SingTel Xplorer offers a rich search, mapping and GPS navigation experience with features including real-time, turn-by-turn in-car navigation with 3D maps and clear voice instructions pronouncing street names and a dedicated guidance mode for pedestrians. SingTel Xplorer also includes live traffic updates which allow users to select their route based on traffic, automatically view traffic events on the map along the route and Xplorer automatically suggests alternative routes while driving based on traffic congestion.

SingTel customers will benefit from Telmap’s localized and customized solution, which uses a dynamic content deck, offering dynamic integration of local and premium content to their subscribers, making Xplorer relevant and up-to-date for the local market. SingTel subscribers will benefit from access to relevant local content including places and businesses, restaurant listings, hotels, and more. In the very near future more content will be available such as inSing, global maps, places of interest (POIs) and more.

“Location and navigations services are becoming more popular with customers and it is essential that SingTel provides a reliable and up-to-date solution. SingTel Xplorer will deliver a truly localised experience and will provide relevant traffic information to people on-the-go with our comprehensive traffic data feeds. With various mobile platforms to support Xplorer,

our customers can enjoy a richer, mobile navigation experience,” said Ms Ying Lai Chang, Vice President Consumer Products, SingTel.

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