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sIRG To Tackle Satellite ID and Auto Deploy

by david.nunes

sIRG To Tackle Satellite ID and Auto Deploy


Douglas, Isle of Man, 05 December 2011 – The Satellite Interference Reduction Group (sIRG) today announced that it has formed a new working group covering Satellite Identification (ID)

The sIRG has spent a great deal of time and effort in introducing Carrier ID across the industry, however it is not yet possible to identify the satellite itself, which of course leads to carriers mistakenly using the wrong satellite. It is especially fundamental to auto-deploy and “Comms On The Move” (COTM) systems, where in their very nature, the system is unmanned and prone to inaccuracies.

The group will focus on finding cost effective ways to introduce Satellite ID, as well as working towards a standard for auto-deploy systems, with the aim of significantly reducing interference during deployment of those systems. In addition, it is hoped to form a new group early in 2012 to look at the future of on-board satellite technology with the inclusion of Satellite ID.

The Satellite ID Working Group has been established following a presentation given by Dave Nicoll, Business Development Manager, Sematron at the recent sIRG conference in Dorset, UK. His presentation explored the problem of auto-deploy systems and sparked a lengthy discussion. Dave has been selected to chair this new working group.

“It is extremely clear to me that Adjacent Satellite Interference and deployment accuracy needs solving. Auto-deploy causes a great many problems, but it is not a simple case of stopping those systems, as a great many people rely on them due to the need to cut costs,” commented Dave Nicoll, Sematron. “We need to work together as a group and as an industry to better manage those systems and help drastically reduce inaccuracies that cause interference.”

Dave Nicoll will also have support from Richard Lamb, Senior Director, Occasional Use Operations, SES, and Fred Morris, VP Global Sales Engineering, Comtech EF Data, but we are looking for others to join this group and help drive this and other initiatives forward.

About Satellite IRG

Satellite IRG (sIRG) is a leading organization working to reduce satellite frequency interference. It comprises three main working groups, covering video, data, and VSAT. The Group’s membership is comprised of satellite operators, users, uplinkers, service providers, equipment vendors and other organizations with a stake in combating radio frequency interference.

For more information, please visit www.satirg.org


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