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Six of the Ten Largest Networking Equipment Providers are Tail-f Customers

by david.nunes

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – August 31, 2010 – Tail-f Systems, the leading developer of on-device configuration management software for networking equipment providers, today announced that its customers include six of the top ten networking equipment providers.

Networking equipment providers select Tail-f Systems’ ConfD to help them build powerful on-device management systems for a wide range of networking devices including products used for Carrier/Metro Ethernet, Mobile Backhaul, and Digital Video. ConfD enables developers to build carrier-grade applications with SNMP, CLI, NETCONF and Web management interfaces.

“We are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that are engineered for the most rigorous requirements,” said Carl Moberg, COO, Tail-f Systems. “Today, ConfD is the leading third party solution for building on-device network management systems and is being used in development and production by both large and emerging companies.”

Networking equipment providers are being pressured to deliver new products in less time and with fewer resources. At the same time, the requirements to manage a modern network element have become more complex. ConfD takes the risk out of project schedules with innovative capabilities like the ability to auto-render all critical northbound interfaces (NETCONF, CLI, SNMP and Web UI) from a single data model. With this development process all management interfaces share one set of common instrumentation functions avoiding the maintenance overhead associated with stovepipe architectures.

Designed with a robust infrastructure, ConfD includes transaction management, high availability, security, and role-based access control. High performance and scalability are crucial in large deployments and to that end ConfD supports symmetric multicore processing and includes an embedded database that is optimized for performance and scalability for operations on binary encoded XML data structures.

Tail-f Systems is active in standards organizations such as the IETF and MEF and is a leader in delivering standards-based products. Tail-f Systems offers the most comprehensive and proven implementations of the NETCONF protocol and YANG modeling language in the industry.

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