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Skanska reduces fuel consumption and CO2 with Isotrak vehicle tracking

by david.nunes

Skanska reduces fuel consumption and CO2 with Isotrak vehicle tracking

Milton Keynes, UK, 06 February 2013 – Satellite vehicle tracking technology from Isotrak is helping Skanska UK’s utilities business save on fuel and be kinder to the environment by reducing emissions. Using the real-time system to track the company’s mobile workforce on the road enables efficient vehicle management and provides detailed reporting on individual driving styles for each driver. This has enabled the company to manage its fleet and drivers better by helping them to comply with its environmental policy and duty of care programme.

Boyd Neal, business manager at Skanska Utilities said: “We are wholly committed to our green agenda and have found that by implementing Isotrak’s tracking and telematics system we have been able to keep in line with our fleet company policy, significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO2 within the business, while instilling safe and efficient driving skills into our work force.”

Isotrak’s KPI (key performance indicator) focused solution allows Skanska to configure the system to match its own business objectives and thereby make operational efficiencies and reduce CO2 emissions. This enables monitoring of driver behaviour and gives detailed information, including maximum speed over a given period, harsh or dangerous acceleration, heavy braking and time spent at dangerous speeds. The information can then be used to identify areas where driver training is necessary and allow regular and ongoing coaching of drivers.

The Isotrak solution complements driver-training initiatives through the capture and presentation of vehicle telemetry, relevant to driver behaviour. This information is captured in real time, date and time stamped and is accurate. Through the identification of inefficient and unsafe driver behaviour, Isotrak provides an objective assessment of road safety and allows a targeted approach to driver training and education.

Skanska’s utility business is a leading provider in utility infrastructure and asset management, covering key sectors in telecommunications, gas, power and water. The company can offer its clients a full turnkey solution in the installation and maintenance works associated with utility activity, i.e. planning and design, TMA (Traffic Management Act) and street works management, contract co-ordination and 24 hour customer contact handling.


Isotrak has established itself as the market’s most innovative and trusted provider of vehicle tracking and telematics solutions. We save our customers time and money through the implementation of fully integrated systems that enable them to cut fuel costs, CO2 emissions, and achieve a raft of related efficiencies.

To help customers focus on the job of managing fleets, rather than managing technology, Isotrak delivers its products on a proven managed service platform, backed by a high-availability Service Level Agreement (SLA), using the latest technological advances by suppliers such as Dell and Microsoft, and accessible through any modern web browser.

Isotrak works with leading companies in every sector, from businesses looking for a bespoke solution to large blue-chip concerns managing fleets of 2,000 vehicles (or more), with numerous mobile assets. With all clients, the company builds long-term partnerships that deliver value and improve the bottom line. The company supports over 35,000 vehicle connections for customers including Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Skanska Utilities, Royal Mail, Eddie Stobart, DHL and Robert Wiseman Dairies, all connected to the Isotrak system.

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