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Skylark Advances SL NEO Series “Hybrid” Channel-in-a-Box and Live Sport Production for Web & Mobile


Toronto, Canada (June 25, 2012) – Skylark Technology Inc.’s recent America’s debut of the SL NEO Series of “Hybrid” Channel-in-a-Box for Master Control, News, Studio, Remote, and Live Sport Productions brought Skylark new sales opportunities and new challenges.

“After a successful debut of our products at NAB 2012, we’ve been busy. With new clients, distributors, and prospects in the forefront of our business, we’ve been busy adding new options and features to advance and automate workflows.” states Alex Sadovsky, Vice-President of Skylark Technology Inc. “Broadcasters are asking for more functionality in the area of Web & Mobile without having to break the bank with costly glue or stand-alone products.” continues Sadovsky.

Skylark Technology, Inc.‘s. SL NEO Series has newly added features such as Live Web/Mobile built-in transcoding, Live Web/Mobile Streaming as well as automated publishing to the Web/Mobile for VoD.  “It makes sense to add automated features and options for Web & Mobile.” said Sid Guel, Business Development – Americas.  “By doing so, broadcasters can do more with less, add value to their channel, and develop new revenue streams with only an incremental increase in costs.” continues Guel. “The premise of “Channel-in-a-Box” is cost savings and today Skylark can offer broadcasters quality video and audio, On-Air reliability, a smaller footprint, and cost savings all in one system.” says Guel.

Skylark is utilizing the popular H.264 technology for live streaming to Web and Mobile. With Skylark’s built-in transcoding capabilities, broadcasters are not required to purchase 3rd party external transcoders for their operations. Skylark’s time delay application for Web/Mobile playout is also beneficial for broadcasters who want to delay their On-Air programming playout to Web/Mobile.

For revenue generating capabilities, Skylark has added playout playlist schedules for Web-Only. Broadcasters now have the option to air a specific set of interstitials for their On-Air channel and a different set of interstitials for Live Streaming to Web/Mobile. Skylark can generate or import Web/Mobile-Only traffic schedules and also produce accurate ASRUN logs for billing and reconciliation.

Even more advanced, is Skylark’s ability to do Web/Mobile Break-Aways. In this scenario, broadcasters can synchronize two separate playlist schedules and air the same or different programming / interstitials on both channels. For example, a broadcaster may choose to playout the same programming on both the On-Air channel and the Live Web/Mobile Streaming Channel. When the programming goes to a spot break, the Skylark system has the ability to run a certain set of interstitials for the On-Air channel and a separate set of interstitials on the Live Streaming Web/Mobile channel.

“Skylark has been in business for 10 years and supports over 400 installations worldwide.  We are excited about our roadmap and where it leads our products.” notes Alex Sadovsky.  “We are advancing our products to better serve broadcasters with more sophisticated, automated, and affordable systems.” says Sadovsky.

About Skylark Technologies, Inc.

Canadian based Skylark Technologies, Inc. is a broadcast quality digital and IT based company who manufactures Video Media Servers, Application Tools, Automation, and Signal Processors for Master Control, News Production, Studio-Remote Productions, and Live Sports Productions.  SkyLark Technology Inc. manufactures end-to-end solutions for television companies, cable and satellite operators, content producers, and local broadcasters.  Products include multi-functional video media servers, broadcast automation, time delay, broadcast graphics, live sport production systems, video format converters, multi-channel ingest video media servers, DVB encoders/decoders, and AV monitoring systems.


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