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SmarDTV delivers CI Plus modules to ORF, Austria

by david.nunes


SmarDTV delivers CI Plus modules to ORF, Austria

  • SmarDTV to provide SmarCAM-3 CI Plus modules for retail markets in Austria
  • The newly introduced SmarCAM-3 are secure silicon modules embedding latest Irdeto Conditional Access system version
  • Compliant and approved for the Austrian satellite ORF, and compatible with all Irdeto Conditional Access broadcasts in Austria


Cheseaux, Switzerland – July 25, 2011 – SmarDTV, a Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S) company, today announced that it has started shipping its latest SmarCAM-3 CI Plus modules into the Austrian retail markets in collaboration with a number of distribution partners. These modules provide secure access to ORF and Pay TV services, as well as all services in the region relaying on the Irdeto Conditional Access. Subscribers can now use these modules to access high definition services on Set-Top-Boxes and integrated digital televisions (iDTVs).

“SmarDTV has historically been very active in the Austrian market and has supported ORF since their outset with our earlier generations of Conditional Access modules based on the DVB-CI standard. We are now delighted to provide our latest generation platform, the SmarCAM-3, to subscribers in these markets and we are particularly pleased to provide these modules with the latest version of Irdeto Conditional Access System (including secure silicon) thereby enabling a future proof solution for our customers,” said Conor Ryan, Vice-President of Marketing at SmarDTV. “As a founding member of the CI Plus forum, SmarDTV is delighted to be delivering these modules based on the CI Plus specification to one of the major retail markets in Europe.”


The ORF satellite platform in Austria, operated by the ORS (Austrian Broadcasting Services), is the country´s largest satellite platform and a dominant player in that market. There are 2.6 million active Irdeto SmartCards in Austria.


The market introduction of SmarCAM-3 Irdeto Secure CI Plus modules started in June 2011 in collaboration with various distribution partners. For more information on distribution of the SmarDTV products please contact sales@smardtv.com.



About SmarDTV


SmarDTV, a Kudelski Group company, is the international leader for modules enabling the reception of pay television. SmarDTV designs and manufactures highly secure, interchangeable modules and associated enabling technologies, which provide an attractive alternative to set to boxes to access digital Pay-TV by requiring only one remote control, offering a much lower energy consumption and not requiring extra cables. SmarDTV CAMs and CableCARDs are used daily by millions of subscribers around the world. A founding member of CI Plus Forum, SmarDTV is headquartered in Switzerland with development and sales offices in Europe, USA, and Asia. Please visit www.smardtv.com for more information.



Daniel Herrera

Kudelski Group

Head of Corporate Communications

+41 21 732 01 81



Conor Ryan


Vice-President of Marketing

+41 21 732 04 04





SmarCAM-3 is plugged directly in the digital TV using the industry standard DVB-CI interface and the signal is always in digital format. No analog conversion or interface is necessary, providing improvement over traditional Set-Top Box connectivity that often uses SCART connectivity.


CI Plus is a technical specification that adds additional security and features to the proven DVB Common Interface Standard that will allow CI Plus compatible consumer electronic devices, such as Integrated Digital Televisions and Set-Top Boxes, access to a wide range of Pay TV Services via plug-in CI Plus Modules wherever the CI Plus Technology is supported by the local Pay TV Provider. More information on CI Plus (specification, implementation guideline, license agreement) is available on www.ci-plus.com.




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