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Smart Revenue Shift in Telco Industry Partnership Completed Telco-Tech Leaders Bet on Blockchain

by Anthony Weaver

The crypto world has achieved another important milestone. Businesses and tech companies are involving blockchain into the global Telco industry. Hand-in-hand they are able to convert Mobile Data into binary monetization.

With today’s demanding customers requiring a high amount of data access for free, or at a minimal price, these often-fickle customers and the one true pairing (OTP) market situation, are causing telcos to be pushed into a corner.

Derek Roga, CEO at EQUIIS Technologies said: “Delivering content in an organised, thoughtful, and direct manner is key to success in a crowded market that spits out trillions of bytes of data (content) by the second. Consumers are easily fatigued by the huge amount of content they are inundated with, most often the content is of little value other than nuisance value and sadly lost amongst the noise.”

Roga added: “We aim to deliver content that is purposeful and in sync with our subscribers’ interests; working with the SOCIFI platform will allow us to be very directed and focused as we deliver content into our ecosystem.”

In the new position telcos find themselves in, they want to begin earning money and start to play a bigger role in content consumption as much as over-the-top (OTT) content does.

For many CEOs and CFOs in the telco industry, the intention is to help turn this unfairly positioned market into a sustainable and fair one. They know exactly how much investment on the infrastructure was spent during the past decades.

Zuilifiqar Khan, CEO, at Mobility MEA said: “I’m thrilled finally to work with carriers on the last mile and create win-win solution. At our company we are strong believers how mobile data can be used and distributed.”

Sidney Z. Hornych, CEO at SOCIFI, adds: “During our extensive work on SOCIFI we explored a massive opportunity. Opportunity to allow overbridge the gap between telcos, OTTs. We are happy for the rediscovery of forgotten last-mile power”

This crucial partnership between telco global leaders aims to shake up the industry by strengthening solutions, and how content is shared online. The partnership will bring together their knowledge, and products to create a powerful solution designed to change how the industry uses data and blockchain.

About telco-tech consortium

The leading founders of the consortium are SOCIFI & Mobility MEA. A combined track record of these companies includes over 60 million connected users, 100+ penetrated countries, tends of mobile carriers under contract and counting. Such a combination of expertise creates a valuable and unique ecosystem for subscribers, telcos and OTT players.

EQUIIS for Enterprise is a secure collaboration solution that gives organizations centralized communication control between mobile and desktop devices. It ensures total privacy and compliance for all types of calls, texts and data transfer. www.equiis.com

About Mobility MEA
Mobility MEA offers best in class solutions & services across Enterprise Mobility Management, Secure Voice & Messaging, Network Monetization, and IT infrastructure. Digital Transformation is a cornerstone of the solutions and services strategy. Mobility MEA customers are spread across Government, Public Sector, Enterprises, SMB and Mobile Network Operators. Vendor partnerships include VMWare, Apple, BlackBerry, IBM, MobileIron, SOTI, Samsung, NationSky, EQUIIS and many more.

It is also a Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA) licensee, which enables to offer its customer truly global coverage through a single touch point at the highest industry standards. For more information please visit www.mobilitymea.com

SOCIFI is a monetization and communication tool that allows network providers to benefit by monetizing 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi access, delivering specific content and advertising, and by receiving in-depth analytics of customer and user attributes. SOCIFI extends globally from San Francisco and Prague. For more information visit www.socifi.comconnect@socifi.com

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