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Smarter networks and services: what’s coming next?

by david.nunes
ICIN 2013

Smarter networks and services: what’s coming next?

Massive changes are happening in the telecom and internet worlds. New radical approaches and architectures are in the pipeline and will provide the telecom and internet sectors with tremendous opportunities.

But what exactly are these new approaches and architectures? How do you discover what’s being created and crafted in R&D laboratories? How can you get advance understanding of new ideas and concepts that promise – or threaten – to transform your business in the future?

The ICIN conference has a track record of identifying key technology and service trends – and analysing their influence on business models – before they become widely recognised. ICIN conferences are renowned for their debates on the impact of emerging technology, architecture and industry trends on intelligent, software-driven services.

The programme for the next ICIN conference, just a few weeks away, can be downloaded here. Participants will be discovering and debating concepts and developments such as:

  • Cloud Based Deployment Technologies
  • Content-Centric Networks
  • Hybrid Composition of Telecom and Internet Services
  • Intelligence at the Edge
  • IoT Service Platforms
  • Network Functions Virtualization
  • Security Challenges Facing Cloud and Mobile Expansion
  • Virtual Set-Top Boxes
  • WebRTC

We hope you will join them in Venice.

Stuart Sharrock, Chairman
ICIN International Advisory Board
Bruno Chatras, Chairman
ICIN Technical Programme Committee


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