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Smarter Return on EMC

by david.nunes

Smarter Returns on EMC

Past and future MVNOs

MVNOs have been around for some time, in the world over, during which some companies have been successful and several others have failed. The conducive regulatory environment and market maturity over the years has led to a significant growth in MVNOs, however having said that the number of failed MVNOs continues to pile up, reiterating that creating a viable MVNO remains a challenge. In the past MVNOs have failed due to several reasons such as rigid business models, poorly negotiated contracts with MNOs, lack of robust solutions, service and support from their partners and unimaginative product offerings which in many ways mimicked the offerings of MNOs.  The trend now among MVNOs is to adopt focused strategies for a specific market such as an ethnic group and provide them with innovative solutions not limited to just voice, SMS and data but extend the offerings to financial services, travel and social media.

Types of MVNOs

MVNOs do not own any spectrum and spectrum related infrastructure.  MVNOs are broadly classified as Fat and Thin MVNO and have several flavors such as ethnic, media, discount, lifestyle, ad-based, brand etc. The varied hues of MVNOs need solutions specific to their business needs.

Challenges in the MVNO space

The main challenge for a MVNO is in providing value to its customers viz-a-viz their competitors, sustaining and smartly innovating to retain its customer base. Service differentiation, identifying a suitable network operator, negotiating whole sale rates for bandwidth usage and identifying a suitable partner for providing the platform for Core-Network and BSS are the crucial factors for launching a successful MVNO. This is most effectively achieved when the business can leverage on the strengths of a reliable and proven global partner that can help by providing robust technology platform and support all infrastructure, Core Network and BSS operations allowing the MVNO to focus more on its core business. In the past only large and financially strong MVNOs were in a position of strength to leverage on existing highly professional partners. But with the evolving MVNO landscape even smaller players are able to thrive in the highly competitive space because of reliable, proven and low cost partners which provide aggregator services. MVNE/MVNA providing a convergent single source platform helps in reducing operational cost for MVNOs, because the entire platform is sourced from a single partner.

The need for a reliable and proven partner

With a spurt in the number of MVNOS being launched it is early days to judge if they will eventually give ‘smarter return’ on Enterprise mobile convergence (EMC). MVNE/MVNA with robust Core-Network and BSS stack, offers a significant opportunity for MVNOs of all size and flavors, by growing their revenues through service innovation and diversification thereby helping them ride the telecom wave successfully.

Plintron –  Smarter Returns on Enterprise Mobile Convergence (EMC)

Plintron thrives on its “reliability” partnership model, that it offers and the expertise, experience it has gained in the last few years, particularly in the UK and European markets lends support to the reliability that the company brings in.

Plintron is a niche player in the enterprise mobile convergence space. Founded in the year 2005, the company has the telecom industry’s most comprehensive roll-outs for MVNOs, MVNEs, MVNA, M2M, Mobile Wallets and Payments providing converging voice, data and video across USA, Europe and Australia.

The company currently operates from 18 countries and connects subscribers globally. The established markets are in United Kingdom/Europe and Australia.  The delivery offices are in Chennai (India), London (UK) and Sydney (Australia). Offerings in the  Middle East, Africa and Americas are in the pipeline. Chennai, India  is the headquarters for Plintron and also serves as the main delivery centre.

Plintron’s key focus is to ensure that its customers earn “a smarter returns on EMC.” The company’s focus and commitment helps it accomplish this goal by delivering state-of-the-art telecom solutions which enable customers to meet market challenges, both today and tomorrow. The commitment extends to diverse industries of all sizes, thus insuring an enterprise-wide, process-oriented approach to business solutions and collaboration which enhances and sustains the entire value chain.

This focused approach has resulted in resounding support and success from its partners and customers in the past seven years of operations, with YoY profits and customer loyalty. The key factor in this global success is Plintron‘s commitment to excellence, customer centricity, quality focus, flexibility and ownership. The company constantly endeavors in enhancing existing value and develop new and innovative solutions.

As Plintron strengthens its capabilities in the world market for enterprise mobile convergence, customer reliance on the company continues to grow. With monthly processing of 3 billion minutes, a million new activations and 10 million top-ups respectively, 100 million SMS’s  and 1.5 TB of data , is indeed a true testimony of Plintron’s global leadership in the enterprise mobile convergence arena.

The future is evolve, permeate and grow

The telecommunication landscape is continuously evolving and opportunities such as social media, M2M  etc permeate into the market, a growth potential that is too lucrative to be left untapped. Struggling and Future MVNOs must quickly align their business offerings according to changing trends and forge partnership with MVNEs that can provide them a “Glocal” (Global-Local) model. Besides the cost benefit this approach will definitely provide them with a robust platform to launch their product offerings with the right marketing mix.

For partnership with Plintron – please contact – marketing@plintron.com


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