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Snapdragon 821 processor enhances performance, power, experiences that matter

by david.nunes

Snapdragon 821 processor enhances performance, power, experiences that matter

Each generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor is designed to support a superior mobile user experience. To achieve this goal, Qualcomm Technologies builds in the latest mobile technology, adds next generation features, and then integrates the most advanced Snapdragon LTE modem to provide a robust connected user experience (UX).

Between major technology introductions, Qualcomm Technologies always looks for additional opportunities to innovate. We regularly introduce new functionality and optimize performance, respond to customer feedback, and refine existing features—all with the aim of improving Snapdragon processors so OEMs can build new features as well as innovative or improved user experiences into their next round of premium tier devices.

With Snapdragon 820 already powering many of the premier flagship Android smartphones today, Snapdragon 821 is now poised to become the processor of choice for leading smartphones and devices for this year’s holiday season. Qualcomm Technologies’ engineers have improved Snapdragon 821 in three key areas to ensure Snapdragon 821 maintains the level of industry leadership introduced by its predecessor.

Enhanced overall user experience:

The Snapdragon 821 has been specifically tuned to support a more responsive user experience when compared with the 820, including:

·         Shorter boot times: Snapdragon 821 powered devices can boot up to 10 percent faster.

·         Faster application launch times: Snapdragon 821 can reduce app load times by up to 10 percent.

·         Smoother, more responsive user interactions: UI optimizations and performance enhancements designed to allow users to enjoy smoother scrolling and more responsive browsing performance.

Improved performance and power consumption:

·         CPU speeds increase: As we previously announced, the 821 features Qualcomm Kryo CPU speeds up to 2.4GHz, representing an up to 10 percent improvement in performance over Snapdragon 820.

·         GPU speeds increase: The Qualcomm Adreno GPU received a 5 percent speed increase over Snapdragon 820.

·         Power savings: The 821 is engineered to deliver an incremental 5 percent power savings when comparing standard use case models. This power savings can extend battery life and support OEMs interested in reducing battery size for slimmer phones.

New features and functionality:

Snapdragon 821 introduces several new features and capabilities, offering OEMs new options to create more immersive and engaging user experiences, including support for:

·         Snapdragon VR SDK (Software Development Kit): Offers developers a superior mobile VR toolset, provides compatibility with the Google Daydream platform, and access to Snapdragon 821’s powerful heterogeneous architecture. Snapdragon VR SDK supports a superior level of visual and audio quality and more immersive virtual reality and gaming experiences in a mobile environment.

·         Dual PD (PDAF): Offers significantly faster image autofocus speeds under a wide variety of conditions when compared to single PDAF solutions.

·         Extended Laser Auto-Focus Ranging: Extends the visible focusing range, improving laser focal accuracy over Snapdragon 820.

·         Android Nougat OS: Snapdragon 821 (as well as the 820) will support the latest Android operating system when available, offering new features, expanded compatibility, and additional security compared to prior Android versions.

The ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe is the first premium smartphone to implement the Snapdragon 821. While we wait for additional OEMs to deploy Snapdragon 821 powered devices, engineers at Qualcomm Technologies are already busy at work, developing new technologies that will matter most for the next generation of connected user experiences and Snapdragon premium tier processors.

Blog Link: https://www.qualcomm.com/news/snapdragon/2016/08/31/snapdragon-821-processor-enhances-performance-power-experiences-matter

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