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Soarsoft Africa simplifies Microsoft systems management with ENow software solutions

by david.nunes

Soarsoft Africa simplifies Microsoft systems management with ENow software solutions

Robust monitoring solutions now available for all key components of Microsoft infrastructure


20 February 2012

Soarsoft Africa, a specialist in archive, migration, collaboration and messaging services, has recently concluded an agreement with ENow to deliver its products into the South African and African region. ENow, a Microsoft Gold Partner, is a developer of innovative systems management software that provides robust monitoring and reporting features for all key components of Microsoft infrastructure, including Exchange, Active Directory and SharePoint. Reports are delivered through ENow’s personalised dashboards.

Says George Amoils, director at Soarsoft Africa: “As a company that has a specialist focus on messaging and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint, the ENow solution complements many of our current offerings, skills and solutions, by simplifying the management of the underlying platforms we focus on. Using ENow solutions, users can easily monitor their environments at a glance through a sleek dashboard interface that alerts you to any problems long before they become a major issue.”

Soarsoft Africa is the first company to deliver the innovative ENow range in South Africa. Solutions include Mailscape, which enables monitoring and reporting on Microsoft Exchange, Compass, which is a monitoring and reporting solution for Active Directory, and the forthcoming product Foresight, which provides these tools for SharePoint.

“We selected Soarsoft due to their deep experience with Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory and SharePoint. It is very important for our partners to have comprehensive understanding of these core systems as our solutions are based on these technologies, and the team at Soarsoft Africa met and exceeded our expectations,” says Jay Gundotra, CEO at ENow.

Not just an IT tool

“ENow’s dashboard based monitoring and reporting solutions provide real-time live snapshots of Active Directory, Exchange and soon also SharePoint architecture. With an easy to read interface, business users can use the tools to gain proactive insight into the health of the Microsoft environment to ascertain whether everything is working as it should. This mitigates the risk of downtime by alerting administrators to any issues before they can escalate into major problems,” says Amoils.

Mailscape is an award-winning solution that simplifies Exchange management by providing monitoring, reporting and administrative capabilities in a single, affordable solution. The product is used in over 30 countries by enterprise companies, including Facebook, NYSE, DirecTV, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and CB Richard Ellis.  Compass delivers Active Directory monitoring and reporting through a single, user-friendly dashboard. Both products are quick to install, easy to deploy and offer an intuitive user interface which enables organisations to optimise system performance, minimise downtime, and improve the level of service to end users.

“What sets these products apart from the competition is the ease of use and ease of installation, combined with the fact that the tools are highly customisable to meet the unique needs of individual organisations. With an intuitive interface that makes obtaining the right information simple, ENow products are not just IT tools but tools for business as well,” Amoils adds.

“The ENow products are ideal for organisations of all sizes, including outsource partners, Internet Service Providers, Managed Service providers and any other enterprise that needs to manage Microsoft architecture,” he concludes.

About Soarsoft Africa

Soarsoft Africa has specialised in Archive, Migration and Messaging services for over a decade, leveraging the experience gained from some of the largest and most complex implementations around the world to deliver cost effective and successful projects and solutions. Soarsoft Africa remains product independent, but supports and implements what it considers to be trusted and proven solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

Soarsoft Africa continues to evaluate its offerings to ensure they maintain market and technological leadership positions, so that clients are offered the very best advice when assessing products and solutions that will match their requirements.

Soarsoft Africa has offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town South Africa.

About ENow

ENow is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner focused on helping companies implement the latest Microsoft technologies and developing software tools to simplify the job of an IT administrator. The company’s flagship product, Mailscape, is an award winning Exchange monitoring and reporting tool that provides a dashboard view of the messaging environment. For more information visit: www.enowinc.com.

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