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Social Virtual Reality Could Change the Face of Travelling

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Social Virtual Reality Could Change the Face of Travelling

Tuesday 12th Dec – Glasgow-based company Eventual, creators of cloud-based Virtual Reality (VR) environments, are taking their social VR platform to the travel industry. The platform itself allows an unlimited number of people to immerse themselves in and share in virtual reality experiences, in tailor-made environments. And best of all, it works with all major headsets, including mobile.

All landscapes built on the Eventual VR Platform will allow anyone to interact and communicate with others across the globe in a shared environment as if they were physically in the same room. This immersive experience means your favourite tourist hotspot is always on your doorstep! No matter the destination, experience it on your own or share it with your nearest and dearest without the need to travel ever again. All you need is an internet connection and a compatible device.

“With the prices of holidays and flights going up all the time, fewer people can afford overseas travel. However through the power of our Eventual platform, we can create a completely immersive experience that can feature any destination and best of all, saving the average traveller thousands.” – Peter Dobson, CEO of Eventual

Eventual is creating an affordable alternative to travel that costs a fraction of what a holiday ever could. Whereas most existing VR applications are exclusively for individuals, Eventually platform also means you can share the experience with others, no matter where you want to visit.

About Eventual

  • Founded in August 2016, Eventual has created the Eventual VR Platform.
  • The Eventual VR Platform allows any business, from enterprise to brands and startups to create beautiful bespoke virtual reality worlds.
  • All virtual worlds built on the Eventual VR Platform at social by default, enabling businesses to interact with and talk to their customers as though they were in the same room.
  • In 2017 Eventual and our clients have held hundreds of events in virtual reality including a VR shopping trip, a company board meeting, a VR Comic-Con, training seminars, investment pitching, a medical lecture and a Game Of Thrones fan meetup.
  • Eventual is an official VR/AR Association member.


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