Softel Announces Breakthrough in Automated Synchronization for Subtitles and Captions

Partnership With Nexidia Delivers Quantum Leap in Productivity and Cost Reduction — The Most Significant Advance for Over a Decade

PANGBOURNE, England Sept. 5, 2011 — Softel, the global leader in subtitling and captioning software, has announced two radical new products to revolutionize the creation and repurposing of caption and subtitle files. Softel has partnered with Nexidia, Inc., a leading provider of dialogue analysis technology and combined Nexidia systems with proprietary Softel technologies, which have been in R&D for many years. The resulting line of Swift™ ReSync™ products dramatically increases output and reduces costs for subtitle and caption timing with productivity gains of 40 to 90 percent.

Swift ReSync TiGo™ automates the timing of new subtitles and captions as they are created, and Swift ReSync Enterprise™ automates the re-timing of existing subtitle and caption files to match newly edited programs, ready for automated re-airing.

By adding the Swift ReSync TiGo option to the Swift Create workstation, operators are freed from the time consuming and sometimes error-prone task of manually setting the timing for each new subtitle and caption. Using Nexidia’s patented dialogue analysis as well as Softel’s proprietary algorithms, Swift Create instantly and precisely assigns timecodes to subtitles and captions automatically. This is achieved by taking account of recorded speech, shot change information, reading speed calculations and other considerations to free up valuable subtitler/captioner time. Crucially, the systems offer support for multiple languages including Arabic (modern standard), Dutch, English (North American, Australian and U.K.), French (European), German, Italian, and Spanish (Castilian and Latin American).

With the explosion of broadcasting and new media platforms and strict new regulations requiring new media to be subtitled or captioned, broadcasters are struggling to deliver massive quantities of subtitled and captioned media quickly and affordably. Swift ReSync Enterprise is a back-office server-based system which automates batch re-timing of existing subtitle and caption files to match videos that have been edited for re-broadcast or re-distribution. With Swift ReSync Enterprise, broadcasters and post-production houses will be able to subtitle and caption more content for more viewers at a far lower cost.

Swift ReSync TiGo and Swift ReSync Enterprise supplement the existing Softel Swift product line for the creation, encoding, transcoding, insertion and transmission of captions and subtitles. The Swift ReSync family enhances the Swift Create workstation and Swift back-office to deliver the efficiency, reliability and cost savings that next-generation broadcasting will rely on.

“We know that broadcasters and subtitle/caption houses are tasked with an ever growing list of requirements, and a need to streamline their processes to allow for an ever greater throughput, to a wide array of platforms. With Swift ReSync, Softel’s technical teams have enabled a quantum leap in productivity for our customers, thereby allowing the expanding list of both traditional and new media content to benefit quality subtitles and captions.” says Sam Pemberton, Softel Chief Executive Officer. “By partnering with Nexidia, and combining their well regarded dialogue analysis systems with Softel’s proprietary technologies, we are providing solutions that not only have a tremendous return on investment for our customers, but which are accurate, reliable and serve the global multi-platform media market. This is the most significant breakthrough in the sector for over a decade.”

More information on Softel products is available at and via email at [email protected] or by telephone at +44 118 984 2151 in the United Kingdom or +1 203 354 4602 in the United States.

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