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Softron’s Smart Playout Engine Offers Simultaneous Broadcast and Web Streaming Output for MacOS

by david.nunes

Softron’s Smart Playout Engine Offers Simultaneous

Broadcast and Web Streaming Output for MacOS

Brussels, BELGIUM — 20 August, 2013 — Softron has launched a completely new Smart Playout Engine (SPE) with radically enhanced capabilities for television and web stream playout from the MacOS platform.

Driving the playout functionality for Softron’s OnTheAir Video 3.0 and OnTheAir Node 3.0 products, the Smart Playout Engine offers greatly increased versatility with support for most major industry codecs, graphic overlays  such as tickers, clocks, RSS, bugs and logos, and the capacity for simultaneous output to broadcast and web streams.

These capabilities make OnTheAir Video 3.0 and OnTheAir Node 3.0 the first applications for Mac OS to support all the most major popular codecs in any resolution, with graphic overlay support and streaming at the same time. Broadcasters can now output SD, HD and UltraHD from Mac hardware running Mac OS 10.7 or later, with the addition of a broadcast video output card from manufacturers such as AJA, Blackmagic-Design or Deltacast. WebTV operators can even stream directly from a simple Mac mini, without any additional hardware or software.

Users can mix content clips at different resolutions and codecs without having to reformat the video to a different size or re-render it to a different codec. Clips are simply dropped into a playlist to be instantly ready for playout.

“The Smart Playout Engine we’ve built into OnTheAir Video 3.0 and OnTheAir Node 3.0 makes it incredibly easy and cost-effective to broadcast or stream sophisticated productions from the Mac platform,” said Daniel Tapie, CEO of Softron Media Services. “It’s much simpler to configure and operate a broadcast or WebTV system as a result, without worrying about segregating media types because of format differences, and without investing in complex hardware setups.”

Softron’s second-generation playout engine is the most widely used Mac OS playout application, used by broadcasters, production facilities and WebTV operators around the world for 24/7 channels and live broadcasting.

OnTheAir Video 3.0 and OnTheAir Node 3.0 with SPE will be available from Softron and its network of distributors from September 2013.

More information about Softron Media Services and its products is available at www.softron.tv or by phone at  +32 2 771 73 71

About Softron Media Services

Softron has been providing Macintosh-based video and audio solutions for 30 years. Softron applications are in use at small, midsize and large broadcasters around the world and have been used to broadcast everything from the soccer World Cup and Beijing Olympics to regular television programming from single channel public service stations. Softron applications offer intelligent and easy to use interfaces and the company is dedicated to providing the highest professional quality video support for Apple’s Macintosh platform. Softron Media Services is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, with a US affiliate, Intelligent Broadcasting Solutions, based in Las Vegas. Softron applications are available online and by Apple ProVideo specialists throughout the world. Further information is available at http://www.softron.tv

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