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Sogeti celebrates 25 years of providing leading-edge Quality Assurance and Testing Services at EuroSTAR

by david.nunes

Sogeti celebrates 25 years of providing leading-edge Quality Assurance and Testing Services at EuroSTAR


Leading testing company reflects on 25 years of pioneering application, infrastructure and physical testing


London – 22 November 2011Sogeti, a leading provider of professional technology services, specialising in Application Management, Infrastructure Management, High-Tech Engineering and Testing to corporate and public sector clients, celebrates 25 years of providing dedicated testing consulting and execution services this month. By identifying an early opportunity to specialise in what had been a niche service, Sogeti’s achievement is probably unequalled in the industry.


Launched in 1986 in the Netherlands, the Software Control Practice – as it was known – was set up as a dedicated practice providing specialist and structured software testing expertise. This was a bold move at the time, as testing had primarily been conducted as part of the overall application development process. Initial concerns that the Practice might not be able to generate enough client projects – or that there might not be enough defects to find! – were quickly dispelled, and major clients soon benefited from a more formalised and process-oriented approach to ensuring quality applications.


Since that time, the Division has grown from a handful of dedicated test experts in the Netherlands to one of the world’s largest dedicated testing practices. There is now a combined Sogeti and Capgemini team of over 8,200 dedicated testers in nearly 40 countries generating a multi-million Euro revenue stream, helping clients to lower their costs as they develop new IT applications, and enabling quicker delivery with higher quality.


Over the past 25 years, Sogeti’s Testing Division has continued to invest across a number of pioneering areas, including:


·         its focus on business-driven testing aligned to meet business goals, rather than technological milestones

·         formalising a structured approach to testing from strategy and planning through to the finer details of execution, alongside the publication of its world-leading methodologies, TMap®, TMap NEXT® TPI® and TPI NEXT®

·         continually developing and delivering new services to its many clients around the world, based on Sogeti research and client experience

·         playing a key role in ensuring that the software testing and quality assurance discipline is now seen as professional,  value-adding, trusted and independent in its own right.


From the very start, Sogeti consultants helped to build the foundations of a more standardised and structured approach to the testing process for its clients. To date, Sogeti has also published over 100,000 copies of its 23 books in seven languages, including its 1995 book about TMap®, now widely accepted as an industry standard. Sogeti has also helped shape the client perception of testing by providing clear career structures along with training and development.


Current Head of Testing in Sogeti and Capgemini, Hans van Waayenburg, who championed testing as a value-adding service across the division and more recently worldwide, says: “Dedication and professionalism have always been important drivers for our testers.  Everyone works together as a team, ensuring service development, employee development and customer development. It is because of everyone’s efforts that we have experienced such impressive growth, and it is also why we continue to have such great international vigour and are trusted by so many loyal customers around the world.”


Significant landmarks
1986 – Foundation of the Software Control Practice, Sogeti Netherlands
1991 – Major expansions into Germany, US, Spain, Sweden and France
1995 – Publication of TMap®
1998 – Publication of TPI®
2009 – 100,000th Testing book published
2009 – First annual World Quality Report, produced with Capgemini and HP
2010 – Formation of group-wide testing practice, combining assets of Sogeti and Capgemini
2011 – 25 years of testing expertise


Sogeti will be celebrating its 25th Testing anniversary at this year’s EuroSTAR conference in Manchester England 21-24 November at the Manchester Centre Convention Complex. For more information on Sogeti and its history, visit: www.sogeti.com/aboutus


About Sogeti UK
Sogeti UK is a premier provider of software testing and infrastructure services to corporate and public sector clients. Sogeti UK’s collaborative approach is grounded in proprietary and innovative methodologies that manage risk and produce identifiable results. The company’s team of experienced IT professionals works closely with clients to design, develop and deploy adaptable solutions that address the unique needs of their business and industry.


For more company information, please visit: www.uk.sogeti.com. For more information on Sogeti’s Testing publications, please go to: www.tmap.net.


About EuroSTAR
EuroSTAR is Europe’s premier software testing event. For more information, please visit: www.eurostarconferences.com


Media contacts:
Hazel Butters or Dave Wilby
Tel: +44 20 8996 1653 | sogeti@prompt-communications.com


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