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SONOC Launches a Point of Presence in Los Angeles

by Anthony Weaver

The LA PoP expands SONOC’s global physical and cloud infrastructure and optimizes performance for customers across North America.

Miami. FL, 5 October 2021 – SONOC, a global innovator in voice and messaging management, has expanded its global network infrastructure in the US with a point of presence (PoP) in the International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Los Angeles. The PoP provides direct access to the SONOC platform on the US West coast and optimizes performance for its customers across the region. Its voice and messaging platform enables carriers, Over-the-Top (OTT) players, and service providers to rapidly enhance their OSS/BSS and switching infrastructure with a full platform deployment or via API.  

SONOC’s built-in session border controller (SBC) and cloud-based switching provides data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) allowing businesses to focus on improving their decision making and operations. With enhanced cloud infrastructure, SONOC’s customers and end users can configure and monitor their switch ports and deploy network-wide configuration changes, without needing a physical connection. 

“We are continually evolving our cloud infrastructure to provide flexible and scalable solutions for our customers. Our PoP in Los Angeles enables us to serve growing demand for automated, efficient and cloud-enabled OSS/BSS and switching. The SONOC platform delivers the solutions carriers, OTTs, and service providers need with a model that matches today’s market,” said Luis Benavente, CEO at SONOC. “We are helping customers to move beyond legacy technologies and bring the benefits of the cloud to more of their back-office processes.” 

SONOC already has points of presence in Madrid, Paris, Singapore, and Tokyo. With this new infrastructure deployment in Los Angeles, it is adding an international launching point with direct access to Asia, Mexico, South America, and Latin America, and strengthening local interconnections to the rest of the U.S. The PoP is connected to top cloud providers over Equinix Fabric, allowing it to connect SONOC’s network with any other that has a connection in an Equinix location, anywhere, anytime, therefore removing the need to create new interconnections.

“Our PoP in Los Angeles is another milestone on SONOC’s journey. We continue to expand our infrastructure in strategic locations to serve growing demand. As new customers deploy our platform, we will continue to add additional global hubs to our footprint and ensure every customer and end user benefits from optimized performance to support the level of change of the industry,” said Craig Phillips, VP of Product Management at SONOC. “We are proving that digital transformation in voice and messaging doesn’t have to be costly or complex. We’re making it simple and seamless to enhance how customers can deliver for their end users.”

SONOC is trusted by some of the largest and most innovative telecoms businesses in the world by solely focusing on solving challenges and enabling customers to be successful in a changing telecoms market.


SONOC is an innovative telecommunications solutions provider offering a single customizable platform that integrates the capabilities of the operator needs into a cohesive solution tailored to its customers. From cloud-based SBC and switching infrastructure to OSS/BSS and fraud management systems, SONOC removes the complexity from voice and messaging business and puts operators in control of their traffic with new visibility, management and optimization. SONOC makes it simple for businesses to transform and amplify their potential in a new era of telecom. They ensure that they solve challenges in the market to enable the long-term sustainability, profitability and success of carriers and operators.

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