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Sonus brings intelligence and security to real time comms with the introduction of new architecture

by david.nunes

Sonus brings intelligence and security to real time communications with the introduction of new architectural platform
Sonus advances software defined networking and innovation specific to voice, video and collaboration applications with the launch of “Sonus IQ”

3 March 2015

Key Takeaways:

  • Sonus introduces “Sonus IQ” – a new service delivery architecture for real time communications across IP networks.
  • Sonus IQ provides security and intelligence to real time communications networks – allowing higher network utilisation, thereby lowering network expense.
  • Sonus IQ real time session intelligence exercises end to end network control on each IP flow ensuring a high Quality of Experience (QoE) for voice, video and collaboration applications.

BARCELONA, Spain – Sonus Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: SONS), a global leader in enabling and securing real time communications, today introduced “Sonus IQ,” a new architectural platform developed to bring security and intelligence to real time communications networks.  Sonus IQ enables a “new IP” architecture for enterprise and operators real time communications networks, which is designed to allow customers to provide a better quality of experience (QoE); lower capital expenditures (CAPEX) by increasing current asset utilisation; and decrease operational expense (OPEX) by increasing service automation and reducing new service cycle time.

As applications such as real time voice and video migrate to IP-based networks, service providers and enterprises look to add bandwidth and segment their networks to ensure that mission critical traffic receives the correct prioritisation within appropriate security. As IP traffic continues to grow, it is no longer feasible to arbitrarily add bandwidth to scale – networks require security, policy and intelligence to cost effectively scale real time communications.

Sonus IQ leverages the capabilities of both virtualisation and Software Defined Networking (SDN) to enable customers to evolve to a secure real time communications network with the ability to provision voice, video and data services intelligently when and where it is needed. The ability to offer Session Border Controller (SBC) or Policy functions only when necessary, along with the ability to adapt the network to the specific requirements of a real time session, allows service providers to lower both operational and capital expenses.

The entire Sonus product portfolio is available in virtualised form, allowing customers to rapidly start, stop and enable real time communications features in their networks. This portfolio includes the Sonus Session Border Controller Software edition (SBC SWe), Sonus Diameter Signalling Controller Software edition (DSC SWe) and Sonus Centralised Policy and Routing Engine Software edition (PSX SWe) to provide security and policy control for all real-time packets, making the network completely “session aware”. These products will be integrated to share session quality of service requirements and network Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with the Sonus IQ platform.  This combination of session aware intelligence with an OpenFlow compliant network control platform allows customers to dynamically adapt the network to their real time communications requirements.

“Sonus IQ enables service providers and enterprises to secure and optimise their voice and video networks by bringing unique levels of intelligence to the network,” said Kevin Riley, vice president engineering and chief technology officer, Sonus. “Linking control of the data transport layer to the real time applications that are using that layer gives mobile network operators and service providers the flexibility they need to launch real time communications services quickly, while lowering the operating expenses for these services.”

Other Facts:

  • Click here to watch Sonus’s Chief Technology Officer Kevin Riley introduce and explain Sonus IQ. 
  • For more information on Sonus’ product portfolio click here.

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About Sonus:
Sonus brings intelligence and security to real time communications. By helping the world embrace the next generation of Cloud based SIP and 4G/LTE solutions, Sonus enables and secures latency sensitive, mission critical traffic for VoIP, video, instant messaging and online collaboration.  With Sonus, enterprises can give priority to real time communications based on smart business rules while service providers can offer reliable, comprehensive and secure on demand network services to their customers. With solutions deployed in more than 100 countries and nearly two decades of experience, Sonus offers a complete portfolio of hardware based and virtualised Session Border Controllers (SBCs), Diameter Signalling Controllers (DSCs), Network as a Service capabilities, policy/routing servers and media and signalling gateways. For more information, visit www.sonus.net or call 1-855-GO-SONUS.

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