BEDFORD, Mass., Aug. 4, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SoundBite Communications, Inc.
(Nasdaq:SDBT), a leading provider of on-demand, multi-channel proactive
customer communications, today announced it has been selected by two major
European financial services providers to deliver proactive customer
communications and is ramping two European reseller relationships. The company
also established a wholly-owned subsidiary, SoundBite Communications UK,
Limited, to meet the growing demand for its proactive customer communications
solutions in Europe. This move enables SoundBite to establish dedicated staff
based in the UK to accelerate its European growth strategy. 
"We use SoundBite Engage across the U.S. to communicate quickly and efficiently
with our consumers," said Sheila Monroe, director, global risk operations at
Barclaycard.  "We're extremely pleased with the results and, more importantly,
the positive comments and feedback we've received from our customers. After
successfully piloting the product in the United Kingdom we are now planning to
deploy the solution across our European businesses and are looking forward to
working with SoundBite to achieve our goals." 
Barclaycard will use SoundBite EngageTM, its multi-channel communications
platform, in multiple European countries, while the other financial services
provider plans to deploy SoundBite in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Spain.
The reseller partners working with clients in Europe and Africa include
Telsolutions, a UK-based premier supplier of automated voice messaging services
and strategies, and JV Communications, a France-based supplier of proactive
customer communications. 
Global Demand for Proactive Customer Communications
Companies worldwide are adopting proactive customer communications strategies
using voice, text and email messaging to reach consumers more effectively and
efficiently with timely and relevant information that positively influences
their behavior.  Using preference management to contact customers the way they
want, organizations can often experience higher customer satisfaction and
customer retention, better campaign results and an improved return on
investment.  The SoundBite Engage platform includes new functionality to
further support its multi-national clients who require global communications
"We are in the midst of a major paradigm shift as multi-national organizations
evolve from a reactive to a proactive posture for customer communications,"
said Jim Milton, president and chief executive officer of SoundBite
Communications.  "Accordingly, we have invested in internationalizing SoundBite
Engage, and establishing a UK subsidiary, as we see a tremendous opportunity to
bring our proactive customer communications offering to Europe. The momentum we
are gathering with our two recent major European wins validates our belief." 
"We use SoundBite Engage in South Africa and France and have plans for future
expansion into other countries across Europe," said Gregory Bonnefoy, director,
International Operations at JV Communication. "SoundBite's secure and
highly-scalable VoIP platform enables us to support a wide variety of proactive
customer communications on behalf of our clients in the banking, automotive,
insurance, and travel industries." 
"Most recently, we used SoundBite Engage to deliver campaign notifications to
voters in the United Kingdom," said Rob Perry, chief executive officer of
Telsolutions LTD.  "As a SoundBite reseller we are able to offer our clients
interactive solutions through a proven, multi-channel communications platform.
Recent global enhancements to SoundBite Engage enable us to deliver more
value-added services to our European clients." 
About SoundBite Communications
SoundBite Communications is a leading provider of on-demand, multi-channel
proactive customer communications solutions designed to transform the way
organizations communicate throughout the customer lifecycle to build trusted,
lifelong and profitable relationships. Clients can leverage SoundBite's
proactive customer communications offering and expertise in designing,
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