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Speed and convenience must be high street focus to survive shifting shopping habits, says Powa Technologies

by david.nunes

Speed and convenience must be high street focus to survive shifting shopping habits, says Powa Technologies

London, UK,  9th October – High street retailers must adapt their strategies to provide a fast and convenient shopping experience if they are to meet the rapidly changing consumer preferences highlighted in the new research by PwC and the Local Data Company, says Dan Wagner, eCommerce veteran and CEO of Powa Technologies.

The research released today revealed that 16 UK high street stores close every day, with some sectors experiencing a rapid decline due to an increasing preference for online and mobile commerce. Full statistics are due to be published on Monday 13th October.

Dan Wagner, eCommerce veteran and CEO of Powa Technologies, comments: “The latest figures from PwC and the Local Data Company demonstrate how quickly our high street is changing as consumer tastes continue to change. It is clear that all-day shopping trips are becoming a thing of the past, with shoppers demanding a quicker and more convenient experience.

“The 4.8 per cent decline in the number of women’s clothing shops exemplifies the shift in preference. Formally an area that could rely on customers taking their time and browsing, fashion retailers are having to adapt to shoppers who prefer to order online and spend little time in-store”.

Wagner concludes: “Retailers must adapt their offerings to meet consumer preference, and a key part of this is combining online and bricks and mortar strategies into a single offering. A strong mobile commerce strategy is essential in bridging the gap, enabling the convenience of online retail while still giving consumers a reason to visit the high street.

PowaTag was designed to meet this demand, unifying the online, mobile and high street experience with a single app and allowing users to complete transactions in seconds, wherever they are.”

About Powa Technologies

The Powa platform was built to provide a true omni-channel commerce environment for retailers and brands. The platform consists of three products – PowaWeb (eCommerce platform on the web),  PowaPOS (innovative hardware and software for physical retail environments) and PowaTag (a ‘commerce anywhere’ transaction enabler).

All Powa sites are PCI Level 1 compliant and fully secure.

About PowaTag

The retail landscape has been transformed forever with the world launch of PowaTag, the revolutionary new retail enablement service from Powa Technologies. Over 800 worldwide brands including Universal Music and Carrefour have also signed up for PowaTag in recent months. Here are some main benefits of the solution.

  • PowaTag turns impulse into purchase, finally eliminating the wait that leads to incomplete transactions
  • Offline environments and printed materials become online shopping environments – even if the shop is closed
  • Print, poster and broadcast advertising become accountable sales vehicles, enabling advertisers to measure ROI in real terms
  • Infomercials and other broadcast media are transformed with AudioTag, including events such as football games and concerts
  • No add-ons required – it uses the eyes, ears and other sensors now shipped as standard on smartphones
  • Enables existing payment solutions rather than replacing them
  • Eliminates the need for the consumer to key in sensitive data every time they buy
  • No credit card data stored on the device – all held in the cloud with PCI Level 1 Certification
  • Transforms the in-store experiences through close proximity beacon intelligence, which can customise down to inches and by customer.


PowaTag In Action – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=or0L7UnaP6g


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