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SpeedCast Expands Terrestrial Network in Australia to Serve the Growing Oil & Gas Exploration Market

by david.nunes




Investment by SpeedCast Ltd. in Perth continues the expansion of its Global Network to meet the surging demand of natural resource customers




Hong Kong, February 23rd, 2012 – SpeedCast, Asia’s leading satellite tele-communications service provider, today announced the launch of a next-generation DVB-S2 satellite service, based on an iDirect hub in Perth, Australia to meet the surging demand for service among gas exploration customers. The new service is part of an overall strategy to invest in regions and infrastructure to support SpeedCast’s service for the natural resource industry. This latest investment marks SpeedCast’s commitment to support the Oil & Gas Industry’s communication needs in Australia.



SpeedCast selected Perth, Australia as the optimal location for the new hub due to the proximity to existing natural resource customers in the region and due to the need to meet customers’ requests for service in Australia. The hub will immediately support a number of gas exploration projects throughout Australia.



The investment provides greater flexibility, scalability, and redundancy for SpeedCast’s service offering in Western Australia. End customers now have the option to deploy point-to-point networks locally in the region, thereby maximizing performance and minimizing the latency. In addition, it serves as the entry point into SpeedCast’s global network connecting to other resource rich regions throughout Asia, Africa and the rest of the world. The hub will also allow the service to easily scale to meet the growing needs of the natural resource customers in Australia over time. Finally, customers have the benefit of a highly redundant network via SpeedCast’s four other existing hubs located in the region to guarantee their critical communications.



“Australia represents a strong area of growth and opportunity for our natural resource customers,” said Pierre-Jean Beylier, CEO SpeedCast. “Strategic investment in infrastructure is critical to meeting the current and future needs of our customers. This investment signifies our commitment to our customers, to support them wherever they operate, and grow our network as their demands grow.”



As a leading service provider of communications in the Australasia region, SpeedCast has secured several contracts in the past year with prominent drilling contractors, service companies, and transportation specialists in Australia, Oceania, and the greater Asia region. The natural resource sector is expected to continue its strong growth for SpeedCast as a core business area.

SpeedCast will continue to execute on its global expansion plans, investing in key markets and geographies, in order to provide the highest level of service and support for its customers wherever they are throughout the world.




About SpeedCast



SpeedCast Ltd is a leading global network and satellite telecommunications service provider offering high-quality managed networks services in over 35 countries throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa. With 10 international sales & support offices and 16 teleport operations, SpeedCast boasts a unique infrastructure to serve corporate and carriers’ requirements. Operating over 20 VSAT platforms, SpeedCast has distinguished itself with a strong operational expertise and a highly efficient support organization, which are the foundation of SpeedCast’s success. For more information: www.speedcast.com. For sales inquiries: sales@speedcast.com.



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